Stand Firm Mr. President by Seth Ian

Despite the lies of the mainstream media, President Trump has been consistent in advocating for a wall. The Democrats on the other hand have been all over the place. In the past they have advocated for border security, but now they will not give an inch.

Many are calling for President Trump to reopen the government. That would be a mistake, because border security is national security. Failure to address this reflects poorly on the Democrat party which has moved far left. President Trump has thus far handled the shutdown brilliantly. He has put the ball in the Democrats court.

Despite calls for compromise, even when asked by President Trump if they would work with him on a wall/slated fence if he reopened the government, Pelosi remained stubborn. The sad truth is that the left does not want border security. They would rather have illegals pouring in so they can register new voters.

As long as there is only one side at the table negotiating or willing to negotiate, President Trump should not give an inch. He should declare an emergency at the border if that’s what it takes to secure the border and keep the country safe from gangs and illegal drugs coming into the country.


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