Why the New Congress is Frightening by Hunter Burton

The new Congress now has several new members in its ranks, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken the center stage in the nation’s attention. In a recent article, The New York Times praised the new Congress, saying, “It is the most racially diverse and most female group of representatives ever elected to the House, whose history spans more than 200 years” (Edmondson and Lee). While seemingly a good thing, many people take into account “diversity” when voting and don’t always take time to analyze the positions on policy.

This is a very dangerous state of mind to maintain. Diversity, while a good thing, does not provide a reason for voting. Our members of Congress should be intelligent, confident in their ability to serve their constituents, and fair in their service. Their religion, skin color, place of birth, and upbringing should have nothing to do with the way a person votes, but it is becoming apparent that these qualities do.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has certainly been the focus of critique by conservatives in the media, for the most part, because she has no real knowledge of our nation’s laws, official processes, and policies. FactCheck.org published an article, in which they call out Ocasio-Cortez for her comments on the unemployment in the United States. She said, “Well, unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs” (Berman and Farley). That blatantly incorrect statement came from a woman who went to college for international relations and economics, this according to a publication by The Independent, which also reported that Ocasio-Cortez considers herself to be part of the Democratic Socialists of America (Embury-Dennis). We can draw two conclusions from this. First, American universities are failing students by not teaching them basic information pertaining to their chosen fields. Second, Ocasio-Cortez should not be allowed near a position in which she is expected to make decisions on policies that will affect her constituents. Major reasons for her election were her stances on topics like immigration, healthcare, and education, most of which fall in line with major socialistic views.

This should be a major cause of concern to conservatives across the nation, who have for decades stood against the rise of such dangerous ideologies. We have stood for the Constitution, for people’s individual liberties, and for a society in which one can work to overcome hardships to become successful. The fact that representatives openly run campaigns as socialists is not only disturbing to any American with a basic understanding of history but is also horrifying when we consider that such individuals are widely supported. No longer do many Americans uphold a work ethic to provide for their own families and make their lives as fulfilling as possible. Instead, many want the government to do everything for them to make their lives easier under the guise of human sympathy. They do not understand that the more power people give to the government, the less power they as individuals have over it. At no time in history has a socialist regime ever been successful. In fact, various forms of socialism have collectively resulted in the deaths of millions of innocents, countless human rights atrocities, and shattered economies.

If the American populace continues to move more to the left, we will begin to see a monolithic government form, one with minimal transparency, a gross misunderstanding of its citizens, and an economy approaching a total collapse. Citizens would have no personal wealth, as all of it would be taken to “benefit” others. As a result, almost every citizen would be poor, save for the few leaders that sit atop their figurative thrones in the capital. Money to purchase necessities would become scarce, and the people would riot. In order to control those riots, the government would begin heavy police and military presence within major urban areas to curb the violence, resulting in more deaths and injuries. Does the scenario remind you of anything? You know, China, the USSR, and Germany?

Already, our more liberal citizens have demonstrated what can happen when they don’t get their way. The riots after Donald Trump’s election and inauguration should serve as a bright red, neon warning sign. They are not peaceful. They are not civil. They have been raised to not understand disagreement and indoctrinated to recite specific narratives that are not grounded in history nor fact. As a result, we are left with a seething generation that has no knowledge but believes it has the answers to everything.

They call conservatives racists, xenophobes, and other terms in order to demonize and alienate other forms of thought. Already, they have been somewhat successful in achieving this goal. Universities no longer accept many conservative figures to present their views in an academic environment. Instead, they have created a hive-mind in which everyone must think and act according to a preconceived set of rules, and any dissenters are effectively silenced. Social media platforms have aided in this process, and many politicians agree with them.

Our nation is at the breaking point, and there isn’t much more we can do. We are more polarized than ever before. All we can do is know the facts behind our policies and why we stand for them, campaign and volunteer, and pray that our nation will pull through yet another challenge. We’ve done it before. Can we do it again?

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