How House Democrats Ravage Our Republic by Matt Zupon

On November 6th, 2018, record amounts of Americans voted in one of the most highly contentious midterm elections of our country’s history. While usual turnout for midterms hovers in the mid to high 30s, some areas saw over 60% of registered voters cast their ballots to determine the future of this nation. While every election no matter how small bears a merit of importance, the 2018 midterms presented voters with a choice to either cut the moral, economic foundations of our nation or to strengthen our prosperity and lives. While the electorate boosted the conservative majority in the US Senate, the radical left took the House of Representatives hostage. While many predicted the Republicans losing the House far before November, and the loss did not remotely resemble the electoral slaughter held in 2010 in where the Obama presidency saw 68 House seats flip (the second largest in history), the Republicans did lose 37 seats, dropping from 236 to 199 Republicans.

While some glimmers of hope existed early on, with dozens of Democrats rejecting Nancy Pelosi and claiming “moderacy”, the tides turned when 220 of 235 members of the House elected Nancy Pelosi to Speakership. While some Democrats like Pennsylvania’s Conor Lamb stayed true to their promise, many broke from the pack and elected Rep. Pelosi anyways. Perhaps more frightening than the majority of Democrats electing her comes the reaction of many towards Nancy Pelosi; that she votes too moderate.

Perhaps the best summation of this radical leftward swing appears in the character known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The newly sworn in Representative from the Bronx provides banquets of fodder for Republicans to work with. Since her upset primary victory against powerful Democrat Joe Crowley, both conservative and liberal pundits addressed her many scrupulous claims and gaffes. For one, she claimed Jewish heritage. False. She also stated that she wanted to flip Kansas red when stumping on Twitter with Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and failed gubernatorial candidate Brent Welder (D-KS). She recently formed a “Green New Deal” in which the federal government would levy a 70% tax on those “hurting the environment”.

In addition, she outright accepts the idea of full-blown socialism. Despite the heavy media attention, many would blow off her outrageousness as an anomaly, classifying her as a rebellious 29 year old waiter entering Congress to stir up a storm. However, the shocking reality derives from the DNC Chair’s statement that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez represents “the future” of the Democratic Party.

While an overflow of airtime may not exist for this freshman Representative, her policies and outlook may serve an even more demonic ideology than that of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) possesses a history of frightening statements in her past, too. While Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s gaffes get dismissed quickly and frequently, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s statements seem to bear a personal vendetta to them. On multiple occasions she took to Twitter, calling for the elimination of Israel. Along with Rep. Omar, Rep. Tlaib (D-MI) stated in a more indirect way that we need to abandon Israel.

To perfectly sum up the agenda of the newly Democrat controlled House of Representatives, look to the first twelve hours in which they held power. Almost immediately, the House Judiciary Committee crafted articles of impeachment against the President. Directly following the brash and tried move of impeaching President Trump, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen presented a bill to abolish the electoral college.  And to the surprise of nobody, the Democrats just recently amped up financial support for abortions.

So, as expected, the Democratic takeover of the House exists as both a terrifying and slightly entertaining experience. From the wild mind of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, to the horrific mocking of Vice President Pence’s faith from Rep. Omar, and to the lunacy of impeachment on no basis and the abolishment of our electoral process, the House Democrats seem bold in pursuing their agenda. Luckily for us, the Senate will stand strong against any of these radical House measures if they pass through. However, these results should remind all Americans to vote like your future depends on it, because it absolutely does.

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