Defeating Liberals, A “How To” by John A. Dwyer

All this talk about Liberals taking over the United States is a waste of breath. While it is obvious that they are gaining ground in their quest to turn America into a Socialist state, their efforts can be stopped. Rallies will not stop them, as they are too well-funded by wealthy Progressives. Conservative rallies will never hit the news because MSM hates Conservatives. MSM is the mouthpiece of Progressives! Voting will never get rid of Liberals because Liberals will outperform Conservatives by using a myriad of illegal and fallacious voting tactics. Liberals always have more people at their rallies because that is the only source of income for many Liberals.
So how do we rid ourselves (legally) of Liberals? The answer is by attacking, vigorously, their Achilles Heel! We disliked the grandstanding the NFL got by “taking a knee” during the National Anthem. We Boycotted the NFL. We stopped going to their games. We stopped watching their games. We stopped buying from their advertisers! We stopped them by refusing to give them any of our hard-earned money.
We can do the same thing to any Liberal organization. Stop buying at their stores. Stop buying from their advertisers. Stop going to their restaurants. Stop going to their movies. Stop the money flow to any and all Liberal/Democrat whatsoever! Liberals believe in Socialism! Socialists want everything free (to them) paid for by working people (conservatives).

If we can alter the behavior of the NFL, we can alter the behavior of the Liberal/Democrats. It actually takes no special effort at all to simply stop supporting them. When they can no longer put food on their table, or clothes on their back, they will not have the energy to leave their hovels and go protest. When (Progressive) teachers no longer have students, they will no longer be able to fill our youth with their lies. When “actors” no longer have an audience, they will get blacklisted, and will no longer have a microphone to scream into. Liberal/Socialist restaurants will close without customers to support them.
It’s all about the money. There is only so much money in the coffers of the uber rich who are pushing Socialism for their own gain. The uber rich are good at spending other people’s money. It’s how they achieved their own wealth. They are eager to give a dollar to someone in the position of sending five dollars their way. Follow the money trail and it is obvious who is pushing the disruption of our country and what they want back. They want more money, but more importantly, they want power! They look at the cost of supporting their minions as merely an investment for them. When they stop getting interest on their investment, they will pack their bags and go attack another, more-vulnerable country.

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