The Open Season: The Weaponry by Reid Neason

Now that we’ve seen how open season is progressing in Silicon Valley, let’s look in a broader scope. The hunters of today’s left have an arsenal of weaponized tactics at their disposal, as anyone would when the entire mainstream media is merely their propaganda wing.
The weapon of choice for many more moderate liberals and leftists is the ever-trusty double-standard. Let’s start with the students who are faces of the Parkland shooting: David Hogg and Kyle Kashuv. If you’re not a conservative, you’re realizing you haven’t heard of the latter. This is a perfect example of how the media can selectively choose the people and facts that they show to make it seem as if theirs is the only logical agenda in existence. Hogg has appeared on Ellen, Dr. Phil, and the cover of TIME. Kashuv has not made any appearances in the liberal mainstream media, even when he had a personal audience with the president and Clarence Thomas. Meanwhile, the one they hail as a hero says that millennials and Gen-Z have to take over our “f—king” democracy because our “old-ass parents” don’t know how to use it, and the one they cast out wants to make an emotional coping app for high school students.
While we’re on the topic of the left’s weaponized double standards, we all hear about how the Democratic Party is the zenith of diversity because of the history they made/had the opportunity to make in the midterms, such as having the youngest woman and the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, or potentially the first transgender governor ever. But what about the first Korean-American woman? Sorry, diversity doesn’t seem to matter to the mainstream media in that case, all because Young Kim had the wrong letter next to her name. Incidents like these expose the only kind of diversity that doesn’t matter to the left: intellectual diversity. All the achievements I listed are great, but it’s disgusting that some are getting exponentially less face time simply because they have the “wrong” beliefs.
Though it may not seem possible, the left’s weaponization of double-standards to hunt down conservative values gets even more sinister than this. If you thought they would be satisfied with simply applying undue harsh standards to their enemies, you are sadly mistaken. Especially within the realm of race, the mantra of “being a leftist means you never have to apologize” seems to be validated every day. And when you don’t have to apologize for anything, that means you can instruct the unsuspecting masses that Robert O’Rourke, Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren are people of color, yet Candace Owens and Kanye West are white supremacists. It means that you can call Kanye “what happens when negroes don’t read” because he doesn’t think like you, and you’re all but elevated for saying white men are the biggest terror threat to America.
The normalized despisal of conservatism has not just led to blatantly racist statements from the hunters’ primary talking heads. There are also homophobic ones; if you become Secretary of State for a Republican president, you are in danger of Mika Brzezinski calling you a “wannabe dictator’s butt boy.” Let’s also dig up an old relic of bumbling hunter Stephen Colbert saying President Trump’s mouth is only good for “being Vladimir Putin’s c—k holster.” But remember, minions: the real danger to society is a 10-year-old tweet about how you weren’t going to force your son to be gay.
I briefly touched on race earlier, but the concept is so much more than just a fleeting thought for many leftists. In fact, besides double standards, it is one of their two most prized weapons. Identity politics is the engine and driver of modern leftism, and they will not settle to have even a single member of one of their precious “victim” groups who thinks slightly different than they demand. This is why they launched one of their greatest expeditions on conservatism to date when Kanye West participated in a meeting with Donald Trump. MSNBC pretended to have lost all sense of reality, saying a black conservative’s presence in the White House was an attack on it. When Bakari Sellers was on CNN, he reminded its viewers of what happens to those who attempt to escape their mandated thought: he is “an attention wh***,” “the token negro,” “what happens when negroes don’t read,” and “black folks are about to trade [him] in the racial draft.”
To the hunters that pursue us, all issues must involve race. All criticism of Barack Obama is immediately attributed to the critic being a fervent racist. When any measure of securing our southern border is even discussed, legions of NPC leftists emerge to call President Trump racist. They say he is discriminating against non-white races, and that his ICE is the Ku Klux Klan. In doing this, the left is simply calling the very concept of human geography racist. They seem outraged at the fact that every country connected by land to America’s southern border just happens to be Latino. Perhaps they’d be more satisfied if we started having an influx of illegal immigration by white people along our northern border.
The same racial addiction has been prescribed to the plight of Brenda Snipes, perhaps the most inept politician America has ever seen. Don’t let anyone tell you that she was going to be forced from her position because she frequently manipulates ballots in favor of the Democratic Party. It’s obviously because the right would rather have a white man in that position. Give me a break.
They say the hunt is about civility. They say we’re the real problem, that we’re what’s perpetuating the hunt. But it’s not about civility, it’s about complacency. The left would love nothing more than for the entire conservative base to sit idly by while we simply allow their hatred of conservatism to run unchecked in the media, in everyday life, and in Washington. We must not allow that to happen.

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