A Four-Letter Word by Ben Balke

Twitter has been abuzz with the latest headline out of the far left. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wants a tax rate of 70 percent. While most of the outcry is somewhat misleading, I think there is some examination that needs to take place.

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Ms. Ocasio-Cortez minored in Economics at Boston University, so I am sure she has a good grasp on economic principles, like that of supply and demand. I am not sure, however, if she understands the Laffer Curve though. The Laffer Curve is the point where an increase in tax will no longer produce more revenue.

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The old idea was that this point was around 70%. This was trumpeted for quite some time when socialism was en vogue. Most likely because it agreed with the prevailing ideology. The government can take most of the money and then redistribute as they see fit. It would also make sense that a member of the democratic socialists of America would cling to this idea.

During the Obama administration, however, one of the President’s chief economists and her husband published a paper with new evidence putting the actual curve closer to 33%.

Why would someone be so willing to hold to an old idea even when new evidence arises that would seem to contradict it? Probably the same reason why so many people think communism is still the wave of the future, even as it fails over and over again.

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Is it willful blindness, or something worse?

I think it can be traced to a single four-letter word. Hope. This is what the left builds its ideology around. It might seem like a beautiful thing to build a political structure on, but hope does have a dark side. It is what makes someone refuse to examine evidence because it goes against what is hoped for. We all know this. Think about being in a relationship. We have put so much time and effort into it and despite all of the warning signs, we stubbornly cling to the hope that it is not over. I have heard so many people say, I should have seen it coming. Why didn’t they? Hope.

Back to socialism. So many countries out there have imposed such a high tax burden on their people, thinking that they know the best way to redistribute that money. I lived in a country for three years that had fully embraced this ideology. Towards the end of my time there, I would talk to other frustrated expats who wanted out. They were being sucked dry by taxes for government-run health care and other “human rights” that the government had decreed. So many people were, and are not able, to see the warning signs because of that four-letter word, HOPE.


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  1. SOCIALISM AND TAXES by John A. Dwyer

    Socialists like to point to those thing which they claim will be free under their grand scheme. They claim to have the answer to all of society’s woes by simply redistributing the wealth of the nation and leveling the economic playing field. Their wish is to tax the rich at a rate of up to 90% (after all, they are rich) and taxing the rest of the working class by up to 70%. Once all that money goes into the Government’s hands, it can be redistributed back to those who really need it for things which They claim are every individual’s right to have. Free healthcare, free schooling, free transportation, free money for housing, free clothing allowance, free everything for everybody. It sounds good, but it can never happen because there is no such thing as Utopia! Human beings have Never liked the thought of being slaves for another, and that is exactly what Socialism is! Slavery! You work, someone else benefits from your labor. Slavery!

    Free Education = Higher Taxes
    Free Food = Higher Taxes
    Free Healthcare = Higher Taxes
    Free ANYTHING = Higher Taxes

    To be honest, all that free stuff sounds Great, until the truth comes out. The truth is that once the number of leeches exceeds the number of workers, the number of workers will stop working and then No One will receive Anything for free because there will be No One will be working to produce the income to pay for all the free stuff! Once the level of leeches reaches 51%, there will be fewer and fewer workers willing to go to work, because they will see that they can receive more by staying home and doing nothing.
    There will eventually be a time when this will come to an impasse, and the government will have to step in and force people to work. This is when the economic system of Socialism becomes the governmental system of Communism. The last tool of Communism has always been extermination of dissidents! Every form of Totalitarian government has used mass extinction as a means of control. America, under Communist control will be no different, no matter what the Socialist College Professors say to the contrary! There is no need to search SNOPES (which can hardly be trusted) or Google, (which is another Liberal shill), or listen to MSM (if you don’t know about MSM this article is already too late). One only needs to open their eyes and ears and search around themselves for the truth. Regardless of how great the lie is, truth seems to have a habit of finding its way to the surface. If you really want to know the truth about Progressivism, or Socialism, or Liberalism, simply,

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