Who’s Sticking Up for the American People? by Jeffery McNeil

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I’m not anti-immigrant, and as a writer, I learned I’m not just a conservative voice. Many people from different countries, cultures, and ethnicities read my columns and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. While English is my main language, I also fluently speak Spanish, studied French, and have been to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. When it comes to the topic of immigration, there is nobody more knowledgeable on the subject than me. Growing up in New Jersey, I grew up in a melting pot of Asians, Jews, Roman Catholics, Italians, Greeks, as well as Hispanics and Middle Easterners. I believe in the concept of assimilation, where people leave their culture behind and become American, not the current trend where you bring your culture here and try to force American citizens to adapt to it.

The Left says we’re a nation of immigrants. However, we’re a nation of laws. Sometimes people have to wait years to become legal citizens, so Americans are rightfully outraged that our politicians, who we send to serve us, have allowed a system that rewards people who break the law over people who are trying to play by the rules. Americans are fed up by both party’s inability to resolve our broken immigration system which affects everything from our public schools to our national debt. Approximately  11 to 30 million illegal immigrants are using our hospitals, public education, and receiving entitlements, while our homeless sleep outside as well as many military vets eating out of garbage cans. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform,  FAIR, one illegal immigrant living in America today costs U.S. citizen taxpayers about $8,075. In total, illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $116 billion annually.

When it comes to amnesty or comprehensive immigration reform, I believe we should do immigration in piecemeal rather than one size fits all solutions. There are many moving parts to immigration. While I believe in securing our borders,  I disagree with President Trump on how poor migrants are demonized as evil people when they are being weaponized by corporations that want to undercut the American worker because they don’t want to pay them a living wage. Everyone should be angry that the Democratic Party has put the priorities of illegal immigrants over the needs of law-abiding citizens and those that apply for citizenship legally.

I feel betrayed by our lawmakers, both Democrat and Republican, who put their hands on the Bible and make solemn oaths to defend the Constitution, while looking us in the eyes and lying to our faces by not doing everything they can to keep Americans protected and safe. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Radical Left have put the interest of illegal immigrants over the importance of the American people, while president Trump has shown he will do everything possible to defend America.

What will it take for our Washington politicians to acknowledge we have had it with our borders being wide open and people crossing here illegally.  They say Donald Trump is evil for wanting to “Build A Wall” when every Democrat from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama once shared the same views on securing our borders. This shouldn’t be controversial, but common sense, because everything has walls. Your computer has walls to protect viruses from attacking, your body has an immune system to prevent infectious diseases, even Heaven has doors where you have to be checked to get through God’s pearly gates.

I feels betrayed by both parties inability to secure our borders. How many more Lauren Bump, who was 24 years old and stabbed 27x by an illegal immigrant that was released from prison or Kate Steinle, shot by an illegal immigrant deported several times, and Jameel Shaw a promising athlete killed in cold blood by an illegal immigrant.

After 40 years of arguments and debates, Americans want our laws enforced. Americans don’t want to hear about amnesty and pathway to citizenship until our borders are secured. I want to stop further illegal immigration, while liberals want a one size fits all solution, where they have loopholes like diversity lotteries and chain migration. Americans see the hypocrisy of those that propose amnesty, while they live in gated communities secured with walls and bodyguards such as Barack Obummer and Hillary Rotten Felon.

Sometimes it gets irritating seeing the Left virtue-signal feigning, how much “They care”  for immigrants. Yet, they ignore the military vet laying on the sidewalk begging for loose change. They will tell you you’re heartless because you don’t want all of Latin America moving into your community, while they live in remote Coastal enclaves created by  from the social engineering they created. In DC, we have over 18,000 homeless, many of them vets with limited resources. Is it extreme to say maybe we should solve our problems before we go around the world solving everyone else’s problems?

When I see these bleeding hearts demand others welcome the world’s dispossessed, there should be a disclaimer on MSNBC and CNN showing their gullible and easily deceived viewers,  if there’s any clout behind the rhetoric. It’s easy to be pious and self-righteous about immigration when your job isn’t being undercut by cheap illegal labor, or your schools, hospitals, and communities aren’t being overwhelmed by the mass influx of immigrants. All while they have the arrogance and audacity to say your xenophobic and racist.

Thank You, President Donald J Trump, for putting the needs of the Jeffery Mcneils over the needs of everyone else’s poor.

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One thought on “Who’s Sticking Up for the American People? by Jeffery McNeil

  1. Great article! I would like to also remind people Mexico offered to help these people also. That just makes it more obvious most of this is staged to make Trump look bad. And also Democrats seem to forget what makes this country free! They work against it and the fact that they don’t respect our Vets just proves they have no business in power. They will ruin this country if we don’t stop them!

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