Generation Z by Ben Turay

Now before I was about to write this, I was coming into this with the impression and understanding that most of the Gen Z individuals are and are going to be more left leaning. My evidence to back that up was completely anecdotal though. It was from people I had talked to in class and school, in a city that thatis majority democrat. I also had reasoning from the main stream media. They constantly are pushing forth liberal rhetoric. They are not even remotely trying to stay unbiased at this point. If it is all kids are exposed to, they will believe it. But I think if you have a basic sense of logic, both sides of the political spectrum can agree that the mainstream media is in fact very biased when it comes to politics and news coverage. So this brings me to the point that we need to do a better job of educating ourselves and educating others. We have lost what a civil debate is in today’s society. Every time I have tried to have one with someone my age who identifies with the left, they shut down and play the victim and get emotional. I strongly believe this is the product of technology making such great strides and nobody remembers how to talk normally face to face. Gen Z and generations to come need to be taught to step away from the electronics, and learn how to have a civil debate. When this can be accomplished, we will become a more educated society and I believe less progressive.

We never saw this type of left until social media came around. Remember the left that was anti-establishment and anti-war? What happened to this left? Today’s progressive left is wanting to destroy our nation. If you look at how our President talks down on these people you will see how out of touch the left is with reality. Can you imagine having to explain to someone we need border security? Why should we ever have to reason why we need border control? Or how about a strong military? They are so out of touch with reality, America needs to get a grip and see this.

Now, I was watching Owen Shroyer’s War Room yesterday, January 3rd, 2019. He explained how he was at the gym shooting basketball and several people came up to him exclaiming they were big fans of him and Infowars. He then stated how these people were all much younger, college and teenagers. If you look at people such as CJ Pearson, they are leading the conservative revolution for younger minds. I am not saying everyone should just immediately become a conservative, but if you look at both parties, logic and reason will most likely lead you away from the progressive left.

It scares liberals to see Generation Z using logic and reason to lead them towards conservatism. They are actually frightened. That is why they resort to saying I am a “Russian bot,” or “Putin’s Troll,” as this is what the main stream media is telling them. They tell these mindless people that anyone against them and anything they believe in, is colluding with Russia. They are scared their radical ideas are soon to be diminished by this upcoming generation.

To wrap it up I would just like to say, if there are any Gen Z’s reading this, don’t stand down. There are others who believe in what we believe in, and we will win this fight. We need the next generation of congress to be the most well rounded, free thinkers the republican party has to offer.

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  1. Ben, I went to your Twitter site, and it shocked me and pleasantly surprised me to see your picture showing how young you are.i was shocked because so very many people your age have bought into the Progressive Lies! It is extremely hard to get an unbiased education today. Nearly every university has been taken over by Progressives! Their methods are painfully obvious to anyone who looks from the outside. They have eliminated all discussion of any opposite points of view. The bludgeon they hold is the grades they pass out to anyone who falls in step with them. All opposition is crushed by low grades and public humiliation, in the classroom and on the campus. I have a relative who recently received her PhD. I asked her how it was that a conservative could make it all the way through such a hostile environment? She said she Never got into any political discussions with anyone and stayed away from Political Science courses.
    If you would really like to see why students buy into the Liberal/Progressive lies, either find someone who just recently went through a Marine Corps Boot Camp, or find a movie that honestly displays the tactics the Marines use to make young men and women Marines. The methods used in boot camp are very similar to the methods the Progressive College Instructors use to indoctrinate young impressionable people into Liberal Minions! The screaming, the insults, the mental exertion, the rote memorization of key phrases, are all the same, but for greatly different goals. The goal of the Progressive educator is quite simply, to turn their students into a mind controlled army, ready to fight for their cause, even though the student/soldier is Never told exactly what the Progressive end goal is!
    The end goal of the Progressive is to erase all semblance of a democracy in the United States, and to turn the country into a Global Socialist State, controlled by a select few which dominates all others! They care nothing about your status, your family, your religion, your peace of mind! They hunger for Total Domination and they will do anything to achieve it! History is ripe with examples of who they are and what they want. It is also ripe with examples of the tens of millions of their own people they have exterminated in an effort to control the rest of the population!

    By. John A. Dwyer

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