Where Did the Hatred Start, and Where is it Going? by John A. Dwyer

I was born just after the Second World War. Although I have read extensively about it and America during the war years, I can have no actual memory of it.
My earliest memories were of the 50’s. I lived through all the “duck and cover” exercises at school, but I generally felt safe and thought President Eisenhower was like some distant grandfather. Those were peaceful times for me. I could play outside until the streetlights came on. Friends came to my house and I got to go to theirs. I played catch in the back yard with my brother, and went on trips with my parents. School was an utter bore to me but generally peaceful except for the occasional “push-shove” fight. The only “weapons” were rubber knives and cap guns that we used at home to play “cowboys and indians” with.
High school in the early sixties wasn’t much different. Boring, but the biggest trauma was surviving puberty. Girls were becoming women and although desires raged, the path to them was often obscured. School, for me, was an utter bore (again) and I barely graduated. Barely!
Then came the assassination of President Kennedy. It seemed like everyone that I knew loved him, and there were tears in everyone’s eyes that day in November. America changed that day. In an instant, we went from national hope to national despair!
President Johnson was a Monster in my eyes! He has the blood of every death in Vietnam on his hands! He lied his way into that war and took the cowards way out of it! His war caused more unrest in the United States than any other event since the Civil War! Besides the war, he sowed the seeds for greater poverty in the US since the Great Depression. He created the “Gimme State”!
Johnson gave the Liberals/Progressives their voice. The marches against the war and the violence at their gatherings were just what the Progressives were waiting for. Johnson didn’t spawn the Progressives, but his war gave them their battle cry.
Today’s fight against President Trump is simply another well-disguised fight to end democracy and all that it stands for. Any well-meaning conservative that won the election in November would be viciously attacked as Donald Trump is. It is simply the way of the Progressive. Their methods were laid out very well by the likes of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky. There are books with clear instructions on how to overthrow the government. (Any government for that matter). The evils of Socialism are well displayed by the misery it causes in the countries that adopt it, but Socialism is a good means to control the greatest number of people, so it is lauded by Progressives!
If anyone wants to see the reason Socialism is popular among Progressives, one only needs to see the difference in lifestyles between the leaders and the populace in Socialistic countries. There is only the Very Rich and the Destitute! There is no middle class. There is no means of making one’s life better.

ISIS is nothing more than a band of soul-less monsters that are now becoming the soldiers of the Progressives. They keep the hands of the Progressives bloodless, but the Progressives’ time will come. ISIS is not to be reckoned with. ISIS has it’s own agenda and that is Total World Domination, and it sees no difference between Republicans or Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives. It sees only Destruction of any one or anything that gets in it’s path!

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