Democrats Set To Hold Blame America First Hearings by Seth Ian

In the era of President Trump, the Democrats have morphed into the Anti-American Party. Thus, instead of holding irresponsible parents from Central America to blame for deaths of migrant kids entering the United States for largely economic reasons, the Dems want to conduct hearings to blame America.

The increasingly unhinged Nancy Pelosi is saying, “Democrats call on Homeland Security’s Inspector General To seek justice and ensure that no other child is left to such a fate.”

To be clear, some Democrats are now openly more concerned with illegal invaders than American citizens who have been killed by illegal aliens.

While all death is tragic, very often these deaths of  illegals in hold facilities could have been prevented by responsible parents. Instead of putting their children and the safety of their family first, they are putting their lives at risk, knowing the illegality and risk of their actions.

Instead of feigning outrage The Democrats should come to the table and agree to a border wall with Mexico which will keep everyone safer and save American lives. It’s time The Democrat party put America first. In the meantime President Trump is right to hold strong. It’s time to build that wall.

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One thought on “Democrats Set To Hold Blame America First Hearings by Seth Ian

  1. The New Democrat Party

    The Democrat Party no longer exists, if it ever actually did. Our two party system was designed to allow two or more points of view on a variety of subjects while still maintaining a balance between the two. Time never stands still, and the architects of the Constitution foresaw the need to allow for change without destroying the new nation they formed. Our country was an experiment in freedom. Never before had a group of peoples been allowed the diversity of freedoms that we enjoy, and still maintain solidarity.
    From the very beginning, however, there were some who became prey to the incredible power leadership of millions of people can provide. As our country grew, this power became the single most addictive thing known to modern man. The corruption brought on by such power is so invasive, nothing can escape its grasp.
    Neither Party is exempt of corruption. What has changed, is that an idea, a philosophy, has taken hold of one Party more than the other. This corruptive philosophy is called Progressivism. There is nothing new about Progressivism, other than the name it hides under. It is the same Socialism that has been around for over a century. It slithers in and out of popularity over the decades, until it finds a party, or a group of people it can attach itself to. It became the byword of President Woodrow Wilson, and it has been gathering strength ever since.
    Progressivism/Socialism/Communism all profess to be the friend of the common man. The common man, they will say, should share in the commonwealth. All workers should contribute to the good of all. Each individual should keep only that which is needed, and should contribute all excess profit to the good of all.
    Sounds good! Utopia! All for one and one for all! — Hogwash! It never worked, it doesn’t work now, and it never will work!
    Why? Because as soon as 51% begin living off the labors of the 49%, the 49% will Stop Laboring! At least until Forced by Government to Work! Then it becomes Communism, or a Dictatorship, or both!
    Progressives care Nothing for the common man. The Progressive Leaders have already accumulated their wealth through the benefits of Capitalism! They will maintain that wealth by an abusive domination of the poor!
    Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, the Progressives have imbedded themselves into Party Politics so deeply, the two are virtually indistinguishable. Many good people are identifying themselves as Democrats because individual ideals (such as equal rights, or gay liberation) are being touted as purely liberal in nature and therefore only adopted by the Democrat Party. Nothing could be further from the truth! If each item on a political platform were voted on separately, political parties would be a thing of the past.
    We have, in Congress, some of the Most Un-American people ever elected to such high office! It seems their one overriding goal is to stay in office as long as they can and make many millions of dollars while doing so.

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