The Real Problem at the Border by Ben Balke

I have been watching the problem at our southern border for quite some time now. It is something that is particularly interesting to me, being a third-generation immigrant from Mexico.

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My Grandpa, Tony “Fish” Aguirre

I can remember slightly before the midterm election when the media started covering the many caravans that were headed for our southern border. The people of the united states are sharply divided here. There are two very distinct narratives here.

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  1. These are poor oppressed families seeking a better future.

After all, if you were in their situation wouldn’t you do the same?

  1. These are foreign invaders who are storming our borders.

They do not care enough about our laws to do it the legal way.

Despite the merits or demerits of either side to the argument, we have to find some way or standard in order to actually have a conversation about it, because believe me, just because the caravans are no longer being covered by the media, this conversation is far from over.

I have chosen to look at the issue from an economic viewpoint, but not the way it is normally examined. I prefer to look at the demand for immigration, both legal and illegal.

One of the most important signals here is the one that those at the border are sending to those in other countries who want to come to the US. Please come legally, and if you do not, you will not be allowed it. It is just that simple.

The issue here is that of demand.

Generally speaking when the price of something goes down, the demand goes up. Conversely, when the price of something goes up the demand goes down.

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The current approach that the administration is taking is one that shows those who would want to come that there is a high price for attempting to come into our country illegally. This will certainly lead to a lowing of demand for illegal border crossing and a safer border for everyone.


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