The Washington Establishment Has Failed the American People by Jeffery McNeil

I support Donald Trump, and if the election were held today, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him again. Under our current political landscape, I don’t see any other choice but to support president Trump over a political establishment that has lost its way. Both Parties have lost their way while it seems apparent that many Democrats have lost their minds over the election of Donald Trump.

Before I came to Washington, I had no dog in this battle between Conservatives and Liberals. I considered myself a Democrat because I was born in a Democratic household. While I believed in certain provisions to protect workers from economic downturns, I never was interested in having people feel sorry for me or being a charity case. I wanted to work and prove myself in the marketplace of life. I didn’t believe in equality. I believed in opportunity, so I always clashed with Left-wing radicals that only advocated for the government to control all aspects of your life.

While I disagreed with Republicans such as Ronald Reagan and President Trump on many issues, what I admired about them was their ability to fight for what they believed even if it wasn’t popular or politically advantageous. The did what was in the best interest of the country, not what would guarantee them power.

During Reagan’s heyday, there were disagreeable Republicans that were honorable men such as James Baker or Jack Kemp. You always knew where they stood, and they always kept their word. Unfortunately, I see no James Bakers or Jack Kemps in today’s GOP. While many Republicans talk a good game about free markets, Conservative principles and the Constitution, unfortunately very few actions match up with their talking points. When faced with standing up to the mob they cave and capitulate ever time. Whether you love or hate Trump, nobody questions his willingness to not back down from Left-wing bullies that want to police and control everyone. This is why I believe Donald Trump may go down as one of the greatest presidents ever.

Although I’m very disappointed with the state of today’s Republican Party, it’s depressing Democrats aren’t a viable alternative. There are no Franklin Roosevelt’s or John F Kennedy’s in today’s Democratic Party, and if they ran today, I doubt they would win a primary for they would be attacked by radical feminists and Left-wing activists as people that benefited from white male privilege.

Every day I’m accused of being a sellout by people that don’t have any knowledge of history or what Democrats once stood for. Today’s Democrats have entirely abandoned the New Deal coalition that allowed Democrats to control at least one branch of government from 1933 to 1992. Democrats have sold out to Wall Street. They have told the farmer, carpenter, and men in uniform our allegiance is not to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution but to the United Nations and its global flag.  

Despite being under attack from Resisters for supporting Donald Trump, I never heard anything coherent from them to not support President Trump. They scream the wall is racist but when you ask Resisters how to prevent tragedies such as Lauren Bump a 24-year-old stabbed 27x by an illegal immigrant released from prison or Kate Stenlie shot by an illegal immigrant deported several times, the Left either evades or minimizes these tragedies so they can keep a broken system that benefits them politically.

While I may disagree with President Trump on the details of building the wall, at least he is willing to finally do something about a problem neither party has been ready to solve for almost seventy years. You have to ask yourself what is controversial about making sure people that come here are verified and checked to make sure they come into this country for the right reasons. You have to ask Democrats why they oppose even the most basic attempts such as deporting criminals and people incapable of assimilating into America. It’s all too apparent  that this isn’t Franklin Roosevelt’s Democratic Party, a man  who stood up for the American worker, while today’s Democrats allow our poor to starve in the streets.

It’s not just Democrats, but the whole system that is rotten Our ruling elite has become full of themselves and  they forgot what happened in 1776 when men with only muskets defeated the most powerful military in the world. What our elites don’t understand is this isn’t about Trump. The Middle Class is in revolt. The working class is fed up with Washington taking our money and not getting anything in return. They’re sick of seeing our borders wide open and our jobs being shipped overseas.

Our elites don’t understand we are no longer interested in waiting.  We elected Trump to get something done and not the ruling elite, who are unwilling to do anything but collect a paycheck and keep sending all the bills to taxpayers.

Trump is not an anomaly but only the beginning. The American people are no longer interested in Establishment politics. The days of scratching each other’s backs and politics, as usual, is over!

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One thought on “The Washington Establishment Has Failed the American People by Jeffery McNeil

  1. I totally agree and great article.
    One thing I think is that the last election 2018 opened our eyes to the reason why “so called RepublicAn” candidates act like Democrats is because they are. Democrats have shown to be liars and fakes. It seems they have figured out the way to win the vote is act RepublicAn or lie and say they are. Also the hijacking votes needs to be stopped this is totally unacceptable.
    Also it seems that the reason why the members of Congress and Democrats who can afford security and walls around their property may be the reason why they don’t care if criminals and drug dealers cross the border. I mean they wanted security before all the invaders stormed the border, why all of a sudden they try and make excuses saying that money can benefit us by using it on fixing roads. If they were so worried about fixing roads with the money they had 8 years to do it. The excuses are ridiculous!

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