The Truth About Our Economy by Ronald J. Reasoner

The truth about our economy:

For all the people in our country that want the government to legislate rules for employers, rules like minimum wage, good health insurance or paid time off for workers I say to you, “All these things are in your hands right now. You don’t need federal, state or local governments to make laws to regulate companies. You don’t need unions to take your money and give it to people you don’t agree with.”
Every person wants a good, high-paying job with great benefits. I tell you that you don’t need government or unions to do this for you. You have and always have had this control in your own hands. Our economy is driven by consumer (your) spending. If everyone collectively realized that it’s a patriotic duty to buy products that are made in the USA to bolster our economy then factories, mills, and all manufacturing in the USA would increase to levels never seen before.
How do you say this helps workers? Well, as demand for products made in the USA increases and foreign-made goods go unsold, manufacturers will be forced to make their products in the USA (if they want to sell products and stay in business). They will need to build and expand their plants, buy new machinery and they will need employees to do all those jobs. Folks, because we are already at full employment, this will create an employment shortage. Companies will be forced to pay better wages, provide training, and offer better benefits to attract good people. They will have a demand for their products made in the USA and if one company doesn’t make the product another will, which is called supply and demand. This has always been true. We have the power. Do you believe that it is your duty to help your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors, your sons and daughters, our veterans, and yourself?
Let’s start this movement, research, and seek out products made in the USA. Look for plants, products, and materials that are made in the USA. Demand those companies you buy from to invest their profits back into the USA, and look at the entire company you deal with and see that their headquarters and their board of directors are in the US, run by US citizens.
We won’t need to worry about trade deficits. We won’t need to see our technologies leave our country. We won’t need to see 42 million people in poverty, and we can begin to fix this ourselves by how we spend our money. Our labor force participation rate is 63%, with 155 million people employed. That means 100 million people that can work are not. Washington and local governments are broken, they all want the power for themselves and don’t want to give it up. We have the power if we work together and they can’t stop us!
Be proactive. Write Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ford, GM, and all companies that you deal with. Demand products and services that are 100% made in the USA, and stop buying products and services made abroad or made with foreign workers. $2.8 trillion in imports to the US are available to become “Made in the USA”. Tell those retailers and manufactures that you will buy products from them, but only those 100% made in the USA. Your phone company, your credit card company, your mortgage company, your bank, your insurance company, all companies; demand their call centers, their headquarters, and their staff are in the USA with all their employee’s serving the citizens of the USA. We have 42 million people in poverty and many homeless people. We can start immigration once we train and put all of our citizens to work and everyone in the USA has the best jobs first! I believe it won’t take long before we will have to allow millions to immigrate to fill the demand for jobs in our robust economy.
It is your money, your choice, you are in control of your future and the future of our country. Our country provides aid, defense, health services, and leadership all around the world. We are expected to lead the world; how can we do that with some of our people starving and homeless?
Now we must realize that these products and services made in the USA will be more expensive. Know that upfront. If we are going to have great, high-paying jobs that we control, we will have to pay more for products and services. We can have cheap foreign products, poverty, unemployment, and low paying jobs or something much better.
These new jobs will be higher tech to keep costs low and more companies will be more automated. We will need to educate and train, especially if we want those higher paying jobs. Companies will undoubtedly provide training for talented people, but we must do our part. If you don’t have a high school diploma, get a GED. Many community colleges offer manufacturing training. The world is online. Every conceivable type of basic and advanced education and training is available online and many colleges and universities offer their courses online for free. Do your part, the people of the USA are second to none!

Itemization of benefits for the workers and how this will solve problems without legislation:
Healthcare: With the “Buy made in the USA” plan in full effect the employment market will be employee friendly. This will require employers to compete for employees. This free market competition will have employers offering better benefits including healthcare. Healthcare for all will evolve not from government, but from the actions of the citizens of our country. The regulations now in effect for preexisting conditions exclusion prevention, exclusion of any member, and prohibiting dropping sick members will keep the system fair.
Insurance costs will go down due to the great increase in the size of member pools, the increased free market approach, the increase of preventative programs, and care businesses are currently promoting to keep costs low.
Wages: Of course, with the free market competition, wages will rise as employers compete for the best workers.
Training: Employers will find it necessary to provide training at all levels to staff their positions. They will need to work with public and private primary, secondary and vocational education to fill their positions with qualified positions. Talented people will have the chance to move up the ladder to more technical positions, and those with little or no education or training can move into the entry market and have the chance to move up also.
Families: With the labor force participation rate increasing and the poverty rate falling, the benefits of single parent homes will fall. It will now be advantageous for the family unit to include two parents in one home. With all employed and producing in a home, pride in ones work and a sense of accomplishment will promote a positive community outlook. The opportunity available to all will remove the despair that has led to crime, drug use, and homelessness. The time of work will occupy persons time and give productive thought and hope to their lives.
Revenue: Of course, with the increase in business growth, employment levels and sales of goods, income and all other taxes will increase significantly. Not only will the employment rolls increase, but wages will increase significantly.
Welfare spending: With the reduction of unemployment and poverty, welfare spending will decline significantly. Currently, we spend about $1.132 trillion in combined federal, state, and local welfare. This includes housing, support, and medical, all of which will turn from government spending to consumer spending.
Social security and Medicare: The base support for these programs will increase significantly. This will provide the funds necessary to make these programs solvent permanently.
Trade imbalance: From this plan, and with no legislation, citizens can reverse the trade imbalance. The trillions of dollars sent to build and support China, their intellectual theft, their theft of our jobs and their military buildup can stop without government action. The expansion of our country can be done by citizens just buying made in the USA.
The budget debt and deficit: With the increased revenue and the decreased spending in welfare, our yearly budget shortfall will disappear. The resulting economy should result in enough surplus to pay off the debt in ten years (see my plan to “Pay off the debt in ten years”). Some restructuring and legislation may be required to accomplish complete debt retirement.
Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the country will expand greatly with all of the new and the upgraded employment and manufacturing. The increased economic activity will increase revenue to fund these improvements and will drive increased construction employment.

All of this can be accomplished by consumers (us) in our country. Every one of us that buy a product can change our country by simply spending that dollar on goods made 100% in the USA.

One thought on “The Truth About Our Economy by Ronald J. Reasoner

  1. I’ve always thought it our duty to put our money where are mouths are. I’ve followed this for over a decade of not doing businesses that oppose my Constitutional Rights. So you will never see me in a Starbucks or Target for instance. I do not purchase from Amazon and have not used Facebook for nearly 4 years now.

    As for this look at what I also call voting with your wallet, I try my best to buy American. The hardest for myself is finding electronics “Made in the USA”. I can find toys for the kids, cloths, and even shoes considering I wear cowboy boots all made in the USA. Finding a phone or tablet though is another thing. I did have a Moto X when they were mostly made in the USA.

    These are great examples and thoughts. My question though is, what percentage of Americans would it take to really make changes like these in your examples? I know the “Made in the USA” slogan has been around for several decades of my life. One last thought. I do believe Trump is leveling the playing field with these trade deals. For to long it has been nearly impossible to compete with foreign companies for manufacturing goods. Great article Ron!

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