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As I sit here listening to Tchaikovsky on Amazon music, and having gone through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I wonder where humanity is right now. Are the majority of people present, but checked out? Houston, Boston, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio, anyone hear me? As you read on, please understand that all of these topics tie together in one way shape or form, even if you may not understand some of the topics that I am covering. My writing style encompasses a very wide net of topics. Keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg of my knowledge, and this is my first ever article I’ve written so I’ll take constructive criticism! Please ask me questions by sending me a message or commenting on the thread and I will do my best to answer each and every one of your questions.

Social Media

I see so much fighting on social media. So much anger. This is a belief of mine, that social media manifests and brings to the forefront anxiety, depression, and a slew of other issues, and doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge that it really is a problem. Managing your social media consumption is easier said than done – most people can’t stay offline because it’s how many make a living.

Doctor Rant

Doctors are trained that everything can be cured with a pill. It can’t always work that way. Your free will needs to make a conscious effort to change, to find healthier alternatives. To many doctor say there are no “alternatives” in Western medicine as compared to Eastern Medicines, nor are there incentives to steer patients to possibly better outcomes in a Western system. One example is CBD oil for Parkinson’s patients. It comes down to the money. Big pharma can’t control CBD production or consumption, while  it works for many Parkinson’s patients. I am definitely not a doctor, but hypothetically if I were board-certified and had been put under oath, then I would not only want to look into CBD oil (it’s legal in all 50 states), but I would be obligated to try to find the best solution to see if CBD works for my patients, even if there is “nothing in it for me” monetarily. There are many videos out there on social media showing the drastic, positive benefits to these people in a matter of minutes by taking CBD oil for Parkinson’s. Big pharma lobbyists look the other way and Pavlov’s dogs all follow, nothing to see here, move along. If anyone knows Atul Gawande, feel free to share this post with him. My vision for the future of healthcare is actually a reflection of the past.

I picture a doctor that comes to your house like the 1930’s. Bring back family medicine. Blend old school with new school. Pair these doctors up with local urgent care, as these are also becoming more popular as an alternative to large hospitals and that trend I believe will also continue to grow as communities search and pray for better alternatives. A 30 year old doctor straight out of med school, who has a business mentality, should consider this as a worthy field to pursue as it values communities over corporations, while also providing to the bottom line of the communities and stakeholders they help and serve. Libertarians value this work, independent and free from regulatory burdens, which is the opposite of what has happened over the last 60 years. In fact, government has passed measures that make owning a business, especially for doctors of a sole proprietorship, a virtually lose-lose proposition. So now a majority of doctors that graduate go to large for-profit, publicly-funded, or privately-owned hospitals in the United States. This keeps costs very high when there are only incentives to treat, regulate and release, and not to heal core symptoms. These regulations are burdensome and ridiculous. Real change will never happen unless changes to Healthcare within government change, as government sets the bar between the VA, Medicare, billing, etc. So my thoughts are to let the private sector come up with the best solutions.

With the advent of the smartphone, doctors doing home check-ups under a monthly subscription fee would definitely be easier than being in an office. You have a secretary, assistant, filer, payroll and HR all in your hand. It gets better – for the customer it means getting put on a fixed payment schedule which helps from a cash flow standpoint because going to the doctor is always at the most inconvenient time for the average middle class budget (unless you plan ahead with an HSA). This is hypothetical but if doctors could prove that malpractice claims might even go down under a completely new redesign of the healthcare system to focus on prevention and reinvention of oneself, malpractice insurance costs could decrease for these doctors and they could actually make a decent living practicing the way they want to practice.

So here is how one could do this: an investor invests $25,000+ to make a good iPhone and Android app for an Uber style Family Doctor locator, launch it. and target young doctors. The app could also target local urgent care facilities to sign up. I believe many families would subscribe to this because a phone call for a doctor to come to the house would be very convenient, and allows for the sick patient to stay in the comfort of their home.  The opportunities could be endless. This could lead to decreases of intakes into the current system, leaving the truly sick in the care of other doctors. The current laws are obscure and arcane, and I don’t pretend to know them all, but you and I can see that a deep root in the system is sick and a lot of things do not work very well. People seem to be getting sick more and more. For the first time in 75 years, the average life expectancy age dropped from 2014-2019 by 0.3 years. This may not sound like a lot, but it is.

Organizations like the AMA, AHA, ADA, any acronym that starts with and ends with an ‘A’ are doing great work, but they have to always remember that they are making life and death decisions for tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people, years, or decades before they get a disease. Yet, many of these same doctors are tone deaf with the realities in the world present. Every doctor you’ve ever had was perfect, attentive, listened to your needs and had good handwriting, right? Not quite. Now, most doctors are great and I know that many many medicines are life-saving and that you should always listen to your doctor, but some pills or techniques could do more harm than good in the long term. A pill simply cannot be the answer 100% of the time. One cannot discount the value of a good, old-fashioned, healthy lifestyle, and making changes to your  habits to make you feel more accomplished about your life.

Go outside for a walk. Choose organic, cut the “old brands” out, and invite the “new brands” into your home. In today’s world it’s very expensive to eat healthy, but it’s getting better as people demand better products. All I can say is keep your voices up on this issue and companies have to listen to the customer or they will shop somewhere else! Here’s what I did to change my bad eating and drinking habits in order to improve my health. Cut out as much sugar as you can. Soft drinks are the worst. Then, portion soda to 0-2 a month max. No alcohol during the week, 0-2 beers total Sat & Sun. Al Khul means Body Eating Spirit in Arabic. I believe there are very few benefits to alcohol and so I choose to not consume anymore. If you smoke cigarettes, quit immediately and don’t look back. Enjoy your vices once in a while as I don’t believe we are put here on this world to be bored. But even if you drink too much water, it can kill you. Moderation is key.


Americans are so addicted to pain and prescription meds that there are booming black market enterprises in every city and town. Hard to escape it. Doctors should continue to be vigilant in asking their patients about their use of pain killers to ensure the right amount of pills goes to the right person. I have seen people’s lives destroyed by it.

Golden Mean

Changing topics a little from before, I can see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears that people like the Kardashians add a lot of monetary value to the economy, but very little moral value. They degrade society slowly through a sort of cultural hypnosis – an atrophy of the mind, but celebrities feel entitled to contribute to it (which led to the movement because average people are sick of their cover-ups). People like you and I see what they really do, but some subconsciously mimic things they do. This is a symptom of “that’s what everyone’s doing” mentality. People see the accumulated wealth, but average people in all income ranges will go into debt, spending money they don’t have. People in all socio-economic backgrounds waste energy and time they don’t have. There’s a moral and ethical crisis on hand, and the millennial generation has, or will be, taking the baton for our parents generation very soon.

I believe that we came into this world indoctrinated into a system of consumption because our parents were also born into this system. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken. The system is meant to capture and possess the masses into subconscious decision making to buy and want things. Remember the movie “They Live”? If not, go watch it. There are many marketing and advertising techniques that go into the study of this field via psychology and manipulation of half-truths. This was a test through MK ULTRA, which ultimately succeeded in the eyes of the programs directors (research this topic on your own). Most people can’t escape these challenges of life, like the stickiness of a spider web. After all, all forms of interest is like quicksand, and Albert Einstein did say compounding interest was the 7th wonder of the world. Most bugs don’t get out of this web, but some do. Live by the Golden Mean rule and you are much better insulated when you face challenges. The fact that the youngest Kardashian is nearly a billionaire defies any logic or sense about how people make money. Hopefully someday, she does a lot of good will with that fortune (not just writing checks but giving your wealth away, one dollar, five, ten dollars at a time around the world as this allows her to see or hear the story of whose life she is going to change). Go explore the world and help people with this newfound wealth, because that money won’t do any good in a bank account.

The moral is the world is hardly ever what it seems. Your senses provide you with perception of your surroundings. Your education gives you the foundation for what you can understand. So just like a machinist retools, positive and incremental change should be your only constant. Adapt or be left behind. Darwin, at work. Challenge the status quo everywhere you go. I’ll leave you with two final thoughts of mine, as useless and random as it may seem because one day maybe it will be relevant to you: Does the system have our best interests at heart? Look deeper into the rabbit hole.

One thought on “A Few Thoughts on Modern Society by @FamilyMan20181 (Twitter)

  1. Your claim that Americans are addicted to pain meds is a falsehood.
    Chronic pain patients who have responsibly taken pain meds – as prescribed- for years , decades in many cases are now denied the only effective treatment to relieve the 24/7/365 intractable pain we suffer.
    Physical dependence does not equal addiction.
    Chronic pain patients who take pain meds long term are not opioid addicts.
    Diabetics are physically dependent on insulin – does that make them insulin addicts?
    Prescriptions for opioid pain meds are at a 15 year low…yet “opioid” overdoses are at a 15 year high.
    Rx pain meds are not the problem – heroin, illicit fentanyl, fake Rx pills, and polypharmacy are the problems.
    Fact – fewer than 5% of chronic pain patients taking Rx pain meds long term ever become addicts.
    I can back up my claims with info/ data from credible sources.

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