Merry Christmas and God Bless by Matt Zupon

December remains an interesting month. We experience the shortest day of the year, the first snow (usually) coats the ground, the roads get busier while the workload gets easier. The Keurigs start brewing a warm hot chocolate, and people around the country knock anxiously on the door of a loved one after longing for their presence for quite some time. We will also experience the last day of the year and the greatest day of the year this month. No matter what pocket of the country you hail to, the red and green tinsel, snowmen, and cheery music set an enjoyable mood for Christmas.

While getting entangled in retail sales and the overall atmosphere, one can easily forget the true meaning of Christmas: that Christ our Savior entered the world on this day. He made such a profound impact that 2018 years later, billions of people across the globe celebrate his very birth. From cease-fires in the middle of World War I to polarized family members shoving aside all political malice, the season brings about a certain sense of peace with all the festivities. When we sit back and truly reminisce about the meaning of this holiday, we realize that Jesus’ birth is why we celebrate this.

His eternal love for all of Earth’s people, His willingness to choose peace over problems, and His ability to speak the truth in the face of deceit truly elevated Christ to a level unbeknownst beforehand. Unfortunately, too many people view Christmastime as just another time to receive presents and get a few days off work or school. While both of those features rock, we must remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

I hope that everyone enjoys the day with their family. May God bless you all, and Merry Christmas!

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