How the Political Tables Have Turned – Maybe the “Red Scare” Wasn’t Just a Scare After All by Pamela Maikantis

Following the first and second World Wars, the fear of communism was at an all time high.

The end of the first world war saw anarchist and radical leftist movements that sought to establish elements of communism into American society. The second world ending was met with another threat of communism from the Soviet Union. In the fifties, these so-called-perceived threats of communism were met with great resistance by Americans, who spoke out about Hollywood’s involvement in trying to manipulate citizens into believing in a communist agenda.

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Nearly seventy years later, it’s hard not to look back on these “unsubstantiated fears” and feel like history is repeating itself. In Hollywood, you see an increasing number of celebrities advocating for things like socialism and globalism – the modern day communists and internationalists that Americans from the fifties spoke out against. More and more, political figures have a socialist and globalist agenda. Places like Europe, Canada, and Australia have adopted these policies and now face economic crises, increasing crime rates and riots from unhappy citizens.

Even more ironic is the difference in how we’re handling this shift in political and economic climate. During the original periods of the “Red Scare,” it was reported that “elected officials from both major parties sought to portray themselves as staunch anticommunists, and few people dared to criticize the questionable tactics used to persecute suspected radicals. Membership  in leftist groups dropped as it became clear that such associations could lead to serious consequences, and dissenting voices from the left side of the political spectrum fell silent on a range of important issues. In judicial affairs, for example, support for free speech and other civil liberties eroded significantly” and “thousands of alleged communist sympathizers saw their lives disrupted. They were hounded by law enforcement, alienated from friends and family and fired from their jobs. While a small number of the accused may have been aspiring revolutionaries, most others were the victims of false allegations or had done nothing more than exercise their democratic right to join a political party.”

In today’s society, we treat nationalism the same way we used to treat communism. Being right-wing is automatically associated with “intolerant, racist, fascist, bigoted, sexist, etc.” Major news and media outlets are biased with left-wing political ideologies.  Social  media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram have been dominated by left-wing ideologies as well, and users who express right-leaning views are seeing their content reported, removed or even their accounts suspended under the premise of hate-speech. It has become increasingly more common for leftists to use a practice called  “doxxing,” where they use online opinions of those on the right to threaten their personal and professional lives by contacting employers, friends and family.

The truth is that history  isn’t necessarily repeating itself. These threats have always been a real and perceivable threat to the society that Americans have enjoyed for years. The difference is that we’ve allowed the tables to be turned in a way that makes Republicans or conservatives the villains, and socialism and globalism is now the main stream, popular ideology.

Socialism is sugar-coated, anti-capitalist communism. It is the term Karl Marx, the man considered to be the inventor of communism, “preferred” to call his ideology. It’s something that has resulted in the destruction of nations like Cuba and Venezuela, contributed to the death and suffering of millions and is currently poisoning the minds of American millennials, the future of this nation.

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The fears of past generations have become a reality in certain places. 

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  1. A clear diagnosis of the current hard times, conservatism is facing.
    Double standard media and hypocrite political democrats.

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