Leave It To Israel: The Case to Leave Syria by Peter Moon

Can we all agree that Syria has become a madhouse? We have at least three groups of fighters fighting in several different wars, and yet American influence has not helped the region very much. Why is that? Well, I’d simply argue this: I believe most of the Syrians don’t want our help.
In the 1910’s, Mexico was in the middle of at least 3 or 4 uprisings and revolutions. We decided to intervene made the situation worse. Why? Twice, we sent in Americans who didn’t know Spanish, weren’t knowledgeable about Mexican issues, and one decided to help out in overthrowing the current government. Where did America go wrong? We didn’t leave the issues with the people already facing them. Instead of training or supporting rebels who were dedicated to freedom, we decided to send in mediators who failed at their job, twice. In Syria, we funded certain rebel factions which were nearly terroristic in nature and not pro-freedom. We only helped make the situation worse. Is Syria any better today than it was before we intervened? No. Instead of a good democracy and stable economy, the country is in the midst of constant terror attacks, unstable economy, and military coups. Yet, there are some in the GOP who want us to stay there. I’m not here to accuse them of being hawkish. I’m not here to defend Trump against claims of ‘Russia collusion’. What I am here to do is offer a solution.
Unlike the abysmal operations in Mexico, we have an opportunity to stop failing. Instead of sending our own sons and daughters to war in a nation which has little to no chance of stabilization, I think we should allow our friends near Syria to help out, and take over for us.
Let’s start with Israel. Israel since day one has wanted peace in Syria and a stable government. Why would they want such a thing? If Syria were to stabilize under a pro-Israel, pro-democracy government, that’d be one less threat to the nation. I think it’s a practical idea to let Israel handle negotiations and military intervention tactics. They’ve managed to beat back every sort of attack from other nations since 1948. So why would we keep them out of it? Haven’t they qualified themselves enough? If we allowed Israel to intervene, then that would offload military spending on our part, as well as defense spending for other people like the Kurds or other rebel groups inside of Syria. And, our husbands, wives, daughters, sons, fathers, and mothers wouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves in a region where their help clearly isn’t helping.
Am I saying America is inept in foreign affairs? Not at all. I believe America has been helping the world since the end of the Second World War. But, Syria isn’t East or West Germany. Syria isn’t South America. I wish we could just send more weapons and troops to solve the situation, but we can’t. Maybe it would be a better idea just to leave it to someone else.
The next country we could consider would be Jordan. Jordan is a friend of Israel. They have a strong and efficient air force. Why don’t we help them in their efforts to weed out the bad guys in the region? They’re pro-American; they can be trusted. Why don’t we offer air supplies to them in exchange for something else, say a stock in livestock trading? It would benefit us economically, and it would mean that our airplanes wouldn’t be thundering overhead, and hitting possible allies and neutral people. I think that’s a good idea.
While I wouldn’t say Egypt is the best nation in the world, they are another ally in the region. Their help, along with Israel and Jordan, could replace our influence in the region their is currently there. I don’t think they would mind putting down a couple revolutions here and there at our benefit. Why don’t we just ask for their aid? If they turn us down, then that’s all right. We have two other nations already on board and ready to help. If they do accept, though, that’s just another military force ready to replace our leaving troops.
I could go on with a longer list of countries, but I’ll leave it at those three. My point is that Israel, Jordan, and Egypt have been dealing with Syria longer than we have. They know the lay of the land; they know where to go, and who to shoot more than we do. If we were to utilize their help, and support them, they could possibly end the conflict sooner than we could. It wouldn’t hurt to simply ask, would it?

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