Explanations Regarding GOP Comebacks In ‘Clinton/Sanders Win’ Scenarios (Winners In 2016 series) by Peter Moon

Recently, I submitted two separate scenarios of alternative timelines of the 2016 elections, in which either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders won the race for the Presidency from Donald Trump. In both scenarios, I set out two similar outcomes for both: Either the Progressives won the first time around, then lost it’s grip on the country to the Right, or a similar event happened, where the Progressives slowly gained power as the country grew to dislike a Clinton presidency. In both scenarios, the timeline ended with a Trump-Republican win, and I feel like this would draw criticism from some on the Left, and maybe even some on the Right as well. I want to take this time to explain my reasoning for allowing the Right to win back the government after just one term from either Clinton or Sanders. I hope you take the time to read this, and contemplate what I have to say. I promise you, I will give you reasons other than me just being a ‘partisan hack’.


Styxhexenhammer has explained in past videos how our nation is in the middle of what we call a ‘moral panic’. Unlike the widely-acknowledged ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 1980s, this is not led by the Right, nor does it involve a sense of moral purity. In our modern day ‘Moral Panic’, we have countless cases of hypocritical actions by those who are claiming to be ‘morally superior’. These people shout from the rooftops that we need to ‘stop indoctrination of our children’, yet then they go on to set up child-indoctrination shows on YouTube or MTV. They shout that we need to be fair and kind to those of the LGBT community, but then they go around demeaning and demonizing straight people (particularly those who are male, white, and American). These people claim to want fairness and kindness for all people, but then go around being absolute jerks to those who have a different mindset (For example, the Left’s treatment of Milo Yiannopolis, a gay, Jewish man. Another example is Kanye West; A black man who comes out and supports Trump is almost immediately called racist and hateful things by those who call themselves ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-hate speech’). These people also claim to be ‘all for survivors of sexual assault and rape’ when it comes to a Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice, but then almost immediately shut up when a survivor of sexual assault from a left-leaning personality comes forward. This kind of cognitive dissidence and hypocrisy is only one leg of the ‘Moral Panic’ movement; another comes in ‘Tolerance And Diversity’. If you’re a college student, you’ve heard it thousands of times already: Our colleges are becoming a breeding ground for left-wing mobs and social justice warriors. These types of people have been trying to ban anything from the pre-1950s (it seems) or that is associated with entertainment. However, the one thing these mobs and SJWs don’t seem to get is the age factor when it comes to an item they want to ban. You see, when you remove the 1920s-style of animation from Cuphead, you’re left with a boring platformer involving characters that closely resemble the main protagonists from Captain Underpants. The toxic reach of the ‘Tolerance and Diversity’ moral panic doesn’t just hit video games; it’s infected and killed other forms of art. One of the most prominent involves comedy. These SJWs are so ‘offended’ by comedy that the only thing they find funny is when someone makes a joke about the Right, Trump, Christianity, or conservative values. They shun comedians like Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld because they don’t tow the narrative or refrain from making fun of so called ‘protected groups’. These SJWs also attack music, which I covered in Part 3; songs like ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, which represents the classic way a man would woo a woman through persuasion and persistence, is now seen as ‘pushing rape culture and sexual assault’. No, this song is not about sexual assault.
These examples of ‘cleansing the culture’ show up in my alternate scenarios; in any world, these Progressives still push to ban something. Whether that takes the form of the ‘Free Internet bill’ or the ‘SSL organization’, it still happens. This is because our nation has been slowly moving towards this point of false morality ever since the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. In both scenarios, either the SSL or the Free Internet bill still happen; in either scenario, the populous which isn’t Progressive rejects these actions, since the actions result in the stripping of both fun and everyday living.


Paul Joseph Watson and Steven Crowder have covered it before, but I’ll just say it again in case you haven’t heard it: Generation Z, the current generation of young people, has been shown to be more conservative (in certain areas) than the previous generations. First, I need to clarify something: When I say “Conservative”, I don’t mean the mindset of people like Mitch McConnell or other old-school Conservatives. When I say Conservative, I am talking about a kind of Libertarian-like mindset. These young kids don’t care about previous-generations; they don’t really care about gay marriage or abortion (in most cases). They do care about gun rights, economic systems, and basic freedoms. There is no set date for the starting or ending of Generation Z, but the general prediction of most is that it begins anywhere from 1994-5 to 2004-5. That means that those of aged 12-13 to 23-24 are considered “GenZ”. This, the ages of 13-24, is Generation Z.
Parts of this generation are also able to vote in the 2020 elections. That’s a critical factor to think about: Not only are these young voters having to live through an economy which just continues to dwindle, but they also have to deal with (agreeably) annoying Millennial-led SJW-type organizations and laws. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that restricting what one can or cannot say will tick off teenagers. We all know how teenagers act-they’re into violence, sexual activity, exploration of themselves and their environment, and getting into adulthood. They don’t care about words like ‘man’ being ‘exclusive to those not being men’. They don’t care about ‘guns kill people; thus they should be restricted’.
This kind of transforms into another theory I have about this political shift of the generations: These new voters are going Center-Right because of the push by their older Left-Wing dominated subordinates and superiors.
Every Generation has received a so-called ‘counterculture’ from the next generation. With the Silent Generation (or ‘Greatest Generation’), they were ‘traditionalists’. They were very conservative, and religious. Their offspring, or the Boomer Generation, experienced Woodstock, the assassination of Kennedy, the Space Race, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights era. This generation is often referred to as the original ‘Counter Culture’. They’re often used as examples of this movement as well. After them, came Generation X. Generation X experienced the end of the USSR, the Gulf War, and the Reagan years. These people were arguably more and more Liberal, as several graphs show that they shifted slightly more to the Left overall than the previous generation. Last, we come to the Millennials. They experienced 9/11, the technological revolution by Google and Amazon, and the Reagan-Bush-Clinton presidencies. One thing all graphs I’ve looked at have not mentioned is that the Millennials experienced the Satanic Panic of the 90’s and the Iraq War(s). Another thing these graphs are missing is the key fact that the modern SJWs come from this last generation. After the Millennials, we come to the current generation, Gen Z. I have seen several different graphs which say the Gen Z crowd was born anywhere from 1995, 1996, to 2010 or 2015. So, I’ll extend the previous parameters to anyone who’s 23 to 3. 20 years of children, which comes out to (one pie chart said around 25%) to around 22.5-25% of the population.
This generation experienced the Bush-Obama-Trump presidencies, the 2009 Recession, the Middle East crisis, and the all important ‘Fourth Wave Feminism’, the legalization of gay marriage, the rise of the SJWs, and the return of Socialism through Bernie Sanders (to the national stage). In my alternate timeline, these young people are the ones who are ‘rebelling’ against the Millennials and Generation X crowd. These kids have stopped caring entirely about college, TV, and the older generational technologies. They are now becoming what the original counter culture was: a pushback against the modern day dominant generations.


In 2016, both of the Democratic front runners towed similar lines with varying degrees of Leftism affecting each. Hillary wasn’t as progressive as Bernie, but Bernie wasn’t as famous as Hillary. Likewise, Bernie was more popular than Hillary was; if Bernie had continued to fight for the nomination, and hadn’t given up, he may have gotten his wish of a contested convention. Both candidates shared similar aspects on their campaign as well. Both wanted a national healthcare system, lighter immigration laws, and a tighter restriction on the Constitution and it’s rights (if you don’t believe me, then that’s fine. However, I urge you do some research on the topic so you see what I see). Both wanted to ‘fight climate change’ with varying degrees of spending, and both wanted raised taxes on the rich or corporations. Both were rich (they owned more than one home), and both had been in politics for a long time. These factors result in two similar presidencies, with varying results of failure. One has a very progressive Congress that followed him in, and the other has a very progressive Congress which she doesn’t get along with. So, both scenarios would go in similar directions. But, one would only split off later on because the key player, Bernie, would decide to run a third campaign, while Hillary would concede defeat.


We need to add together these three factors together to get the outcome I wrote out: First, a failing economy and withering public trust in government caused by progressive ideas and stringent restrictions on the economy. Second, the modern day moral panic and it’s affects on the younger voters. Third, the younger voters, and their pushback against the SJW-led organizations and laws.
These three factors combine to bring a win for Trump and the Right in both scenarios. In both, the economy (for lack of better terminology) stinks. In many cases, the economy is a key factor in presidential elections. What you promise can win or lose you the election. Then, what you do with the power you’ve received can win or lose you the re-election. Sanders and Clinton offer little to try and fix the economy in their situations, and this is because they can’t. Their Progressive Congress liked the strict regulations, and wanted to keep them. Even if Clinton wanted to fix the mess she was in, her legislature wouldn’t allow it. In Sanders’ case, he would never want to propose a ‘fix’ to his economy, because as he once said, “In other countries, you have people in bread lines. That’s a good thing; it’s good that they’re in need of bread.”
Trump, however, runs on a more Conservative solution than he did in 2016: Loosen regulations, stop the Paris Accords, and generally raise wages for workers making less than whatever they once were. His message seems to trigger an anger in voters that wasn’t there in 2016: they’ve seen what just 4 years of Progressivism has done, and their sick of it. They want something new, something fresh, and something that works. So, they choose the loud, brash businessman who wants to deliver on his promises.
The second factor that I’ve talked about already is the moral panic. In our real-world timeline, the Progressives have not been strong enough to acutely get legislation they’ve wanted through. In my timelines, they have. This shift in social policy affects everything from everyday conversations to the media. This makes certain groups of people angry. It makes the more liberal comedians like Kevin Hart or Nick Canon less trustful of the social policy, and ‘classical liberals’ like Dave Rubin and Styxhexenhammer angry at the establishment for restricting basic rights of others. It angers those who may be liberal, but not pro-PC. Rockers who swear in their music can’t sing it under the ‘Free Internet’ bill. Those who swear in normal videos, like Styx and Phillip DeFranco, get angry that they have to actually regulate themselves. This kind of restriction makes folks angry, tired, and annoyed. It all has to come to a breaking point eventually, and it does with the election of Trump and non-Progressive Libertarian-Republicans.
The third and last factor I’ll wrap up on is the new voting bloc. By 2020, all children born before 2002 will be eligible to vote. That’s a lot of children who are now ready to cast their ballot. These kids, while more liberal on social issues like marriage and social media, are more conservative on economic or political issues. The Generation Z crowd, which has been bashed and aggravated by the Millennial crowd, decides to push back on them. They do this by 1) electing Libertarians, Republicans, and non-Progressive Democrats (moderate, Conservative, or Leaning Democrats) to office seats in the 2020 election, and 2) electing a brash, un-PC businessman to the office of the Presidency, and thus rejecting a Progressive Socialist or Progressive Liberal. Again, these kids don’t really care about the issues of GenX or GenY (gay marriage, Iraq, and Russia), but they do care about issues directly impacting them like guns and economic opportunities.

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