Bringing Sanity To Our Broken Immigration System by Jeffery McNeil


They say we’re a nation of immigrants, however, we’re also a nation of laws. I’m not opposed to immigration. I just want the laws enforced. There are two sides to every story.  While immigration activists love to tell you sad stories of people coming here for a better life, they ignore Kate Steinle, a young women murdered by an illegal immigrant and deported several times. They also ignore twenty year old Mollie Tibbets whose promising life was snuffed out by an illegal immigrant.  When you point out these examples as why we need  border security,  These same left-wing activists try to minimize the drugs, gangs and criminals that have infiltrated many neighborhoods and communities. They shout you down or call you a racist when you show the impact illegal immigration has had on our schools, hospitals, and law enforcement.

The activists say “Building A Wall” is racist. However, everything has a wall. Your computer has a wall to prevent viruses. Your body has an immune system to block deadly diseases. Even Heaven has a wall. However according to left-wing logic, wanting to make sure people that enter our country don’t endanger our citizens makes you a racist.

Conservatives and Trump supporters are not monoliths. I don’t share the same view as Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham, or the liberal view like Geraldo Rivera. I’m not for rounding up Dreamers and kicking them out, nor am I for the Geraldo position of allowing anymore migrants entering this country until we build borders and walls. I want a wall and I want immigrants that can be self-sustaining and take care of themselves. If others want open borders then move them to your neighborhood and your community. I’ve been taking the slack of social engineers for nearly forty years. It’s time for these elite liberals who feign how much they care to put their money where their mouths are and pick up the slack. .

Americans are frustrated with both party’s inability to secure our borders. To state the obvious fact that Latin and South America are not exactly sending Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria across our borders makes you some kind of right-wing xenophobe. We often hear illegals do the jobs that others won’t do. That’s nonsense. We have plenty of military vets unemployed and if corporations pay a living wage all these jobs will be filled.

After 40 years of arguments and debates, Americans want our laws enforced. Americans don’t want to hear about amnesty and pathway to citizenship until our borders are secured. I want to stop furthering illegal immigration, while liberals want a one-size-fits-all solution, where they have loopholes like diversity lotteries and chain migration. Americans see the hypocrisy of those who propose amnesty, while they see people such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who crow the loudest for continuation of a broken system and not picking up the slack when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Sometime it gets irritating seeing the Left virtue-signal, feigning how much they care  for immigrants. Yet, they ignore the military vet laying on the sidewalk begging for loose change. They will tell you you’re heartless because you don’t want all of Latin America moving into your community while they live in remote coastal enclaves remote from the social engineering they created. In Washington DC, we have over 18,000 homeless, many of them vets with limited resources. Is it extreme to say maybe we should solve our problems before we go around the world solving everyone else’s problems?

When I see these bleeding hearts demand others welcome the world’s dispossessed, there should be a disclaimer on the networks, showing the audience if they are putting up any capital behind their rhetoric. It’s easy to be pious and self-righteous about immigration when your job isn’t being undercut by cheap illegal labor or your schools, hospitals, and communities aren’t being flooded with a massive influx of immigrants. This is all while they accuse others of being xenophobic. I wonder what sacrifices they made to be welcoming to poor immigrants.

Most Americans are not anti-immigrant. They are divided and split on how to resolve the issue. Many are tired of our lawmakers spending huge amounts of money, saving everyone else’s poor, while letting our own poor continue to languish.

Thank You President Trump for bringing sanity to illegal immigration.

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8 thoughts on “Bringing Sanity To Our Broken Immigration System by Jeffery McNeil

      1. That was a study over 6 years which means that there were 5.3 thousand homicides by Illegals or around 33% of USA homicides by a population that is only supposed to be less than 5% of America’s population.

  1. I agree but I think it’s an act, I don’t really think they want the illegals in. They keep saying they don’t but than they say Trump isn’t doing what he says, why hasn’t he put up the wall? Yet they fight him so he can’t.
    They call it a caravan but it’s an invasion when they come in illegally and if they are so down and out and needing help why would they burn our flag and carry their flag as if they are going to war. There are plenty of people who want to come in who appreciate being allowed to live here. Why let a mob of people who don’t like this country in?
    Democrats fight to let them in because they don’t like Trump. They do not care about those people.

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