Are Russians To Blame Or Is It Your Own Incompetence? by Jeffery McNeil

Putin Trump Dolls

When you’re a conservative in D.C., it can be taxing. You get tired of listening to people who never read law mimic what they hear from left-wing pundits about emoluments clauses, campaign finance, or Trump’s tax records as if they’re legal scholars.

Sometimes I’m amazed  that after two years since Donald Trump has been elected president, many still behave as if they’ve attended a funeral. For two years, all I’ve heard is how Donald Trump is illegitimate and the election was stolen from Hillary. When they point out Hillary won the popular vote, they fail to recognize Trump won in an electoral route. He won 2,626 counties to Hillary’s 487. She  lost states Democrats haven’t lost in thirty years such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, as well as swing states such as Ohio Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Trump wasn’t the only person to win on election night. Republicans carried everything from state houses to governorship’s. However, many Democrats are still in denial that Hillary Clinton lost. She didn’t lose because she was a woman, but because she was the wrong candidate in a time when people wanted a break from the global order that was inflicting pain on the working class.

Nothing is new under the sun. This has been the Democrats playbook for as long as I can remember.  When Democrats lose elections, they never take personal responsibility or blame themselves. They think Republicans are evil, so it’s shocking to them to believe anyone other than Fox News supports Republicans. When the Left gets poor outcomes they don’t like, they look to Left-wing justices to overturn the will of the voters by filing lawsuits and utilizing the courts. Of course they need to dispose of Trump because the Left can’t use the courts to push their socialist agenda.

In the Left’s mind, they think all Republicans are horrible human beings and the only people that vote Republican are alt-right conspiracy theorists or hate mongers. Because they live in liberal enclaves, like New York or Washington D.C. it’s anathema to them that those that live outside the bubble couldn’t possibly envy the elites that thumb their noses at flyover country. So when they lose, it can’t possibly be because their ideas are destructive for the people they claim to care about. It must be voter suppression, bigotry, and hate.

Before Trump Derangement there was Bush Derangement. As with Trump they saw George Bush as someone not in their league. George Bush didn’t use highfalutin words, and was personable, and spoke the language of the common man while Al Gore seemed phony, wooden and stiff. Al Gore ran a lousy campaign, He refused to use Bill Clinton was still a president at that time. Florida would have been a non factor had Al Gore won Arkansas and his home state of Tennessee, As with Trump Democrats spent eight years trying to de-legitimize Bush, rather than admit that they underestimated Bush.. In 2004, George Bush was ripe for the taking but instead of looking for someone that appealed to Red State America, Democrats trotted two Northeast liberals in Howard Dean and John Kerry. Kerry won the nomination, however came of as clueless. While the Democrats claim voter fraud and suppression in Ohio, truth was he didn’t win one southern state.

Democrats have to make up conspiracy theories about voter suppression and Russia because their ideas such as gun control, transgender bathrooms, and open borders are widely rejected, even among their base. While Democrats regained control of the house, their majority is very precarious. Democrats that ran as centrists won, while Progressives such as Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum were soundly defeated. As with Trump, Democrats didn’t concede defeat with Gillum and Abrams. They went to the old time religion of filing legal challenges, blaming voter suppression, and racism.  While the left plays the hate card, what they don’t want to tell their minions is Ron Desantis’  LT Gov Jeanette Nunez is Hispanic. He won 40% of the  Hispanic vote and 17% African Americans, which is the same with Brian Kemp who carried 70% white women, 44% Hispanic, and 11% African American.

In the end I made a conscientious decision not to deal with people that are driven by rabid partisanship. Last time I looked, this is America, not China or Iran. I get some hate Trump but I don’t have to share that opinion. If what I say offends you then block or unfriend me, but Democrat elites cannot tell me who to vote for or how to think.

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One thought on “Are Russians To Blame Or Is It Your Own Incompetence? by Jeffery McNeil

  1. Great article. What’s surprises me is Democrats are so busy hating someone they used to get their pics taken with before he was President, can’t see what’s right in front of them. He’s doing the opposite of Obama and it’s all good. Yet Democrats are so blind they back up Cortez and all her idiotic ideas. It’s true they don’t care about this country they are pissed because they lost. Trumps morals or whatever the hate stems from has nothing to do with the way he runs the country. The Dems in Washington are corrupt and he’s exposing them and they hopefully are going to pay. Dems are the ones who are not to be trusted. Schumer and Pelosi proved it when they tried to debate Trump and didn’t want the world to see. He is the one who wants transparency because they are crazy liars.
    Open your eyes people and you will walkaway!

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