Institutional Bias by Spencer Manning

There are a handful of things that all students will inevitably encounter on college campuses: stress, late nights full of studying, and political bias. I, personally, am preparing for finals to wrap up my first semester of college.
In high school, I read Ben Shapiro’s “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” and I remember thinking, “There’s no way that colleges can be this blatantly biased”. Boy was I wrong. Just in my first semester of college, I have experienced a plethora of encounters, some of which my professors do not even attempt to disguise their own personal political beliefs and party identification.
The subtle disrespect towards President Trump comes in a myriad of forms. From my government professor incorrectly addressing our commander-in-chief without the proper respect, to my comp professor only showing us videos from the Obama administration, the ways that the liberal agenda is pushed on college students across the nation are startling
One would assume that college students are independent and relatively educated enough to formulate their own thoughts and beliefs. But theoretically, if one is not as politically enthused as some of us, I could see how after years of sitting in classrooms having the liberal agenda pushed on you and the conservative views insulted before your very eyes, one’s thoughts and beliefs could potentially be corrupted.
I understand that this isn’t High School anymore, and we the students have the responsibility to educate ourselves and make our own decisions. But at times, it is ridiculous how some of the professors behave themselves pertaining to politics.
Personally, before coming to college I assumed that I would be insulted solely by my peers and classmates. Again, boy was I wrong. When I was asked which news outlet I prefer, I answered, “Fox News” and my professor rolled her eyes at me and said nothing back.
Most recently, while one of my classmates was giving a final presentation of DACA and how the Trump administration is lacking in quality, she made eye contact with me for nearly the entire presentation.
Subtle acts such like this are enough to get most people thinking about their political beliefs, Keyword: most. I am strongly politically involved, and I know that what I stand for is right, and I will continue to stand for what I believe is right no matter how oppressed I am in my college classrooms. Thank you, and God bless President Trump and the United States.

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