The Modern Left Worships Government by Jeffery McNeil

Being a conservative in D.C Is like being Meghan McCain on the View. Like Trump, she doesn’t let the liberals on the View bully and intimidate her. While I wasn’t a fan of her father, John McCain, I feel her frustration being a Conservative in a sea full of liberals. I get the Donald Trump hate, but many Conservatives hated Barack Obama without attacking the people who supported him. Joy Behar and Whoopi continually rant and mock Trump supporters as stupid and lacking intellect. Meghan tries to explain why people support Donald Trump and that if they keep acting like elitist snobs, he will be reelected. However, like many conservatives, liberals simply shout the opposition down and interrupt. The minute she sides with Trump, she’s called everything from a Nazi to a white supremacist. Although I did not agree with Megan’s father, sometimes I feel like giving her a hug because all conservatives have to deal with babbling and unhinged Trump lunatics everywhere.
While I support Donald Trump, I’m not a cheerleader or pom pom boy. I consider myself more of a Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager Republican. Donald Trump wasn’t my ideal choice, but he’s a God-send and a conservative’s dream come true. Conservative Judges, like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, I can’t wait until Ginsburg retires and we get Amy Comey Barret. I love seeing people like Barbra Streisand and Chelsea Handler have meltdowns everyday because of it.
It infuriates liberals, particularly when African Americans, women and minorities go astray and don’t worship Democrats or surrender their will to to the State. If you’re not a bot, mimic the Left-wing talking points about Russia, question the validity of climate change, gender fluidity, open borders, or whatever the leftists are going crazy about,  you will be ostracized and branded a Nazi, and be marginalized for having an opinion that’s different from the clergymen of the Left.
Today, Leftists believe that the state should be indistinguishable from the private citizen. Liberals believe in clergymen, not commoners having a seat, participating in the great experiment known as Democracy. Today, leftist wants to police everything from eating bacon, singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” or watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Each of these are under assault by Left-Wing clergymen as offensive, insulting and racist.
The clergy has declared by decree that Donald Trump is worse than Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong il, and even the Saudi Prince who killed and dismembered a journalist. Although the media attacks and says dehumanizing things, while having no respect or reverence for the presidency, they declare Trump a dictator. When you ask how is he a dictator when Putin and Kim Jong IL have killed journalists, they yell “Nazi.” I’d like to know how is he a fascist, when the Democrats blatantly lied and use false information to push their agenda.
The clergy is exasperated. The Deep State thought they would have a soft coup where Trump resigned, but Americans have accepted Trump as president. They fired all their bullets and all they have are fake conspiracy stories about Russia. If Russia was meddling in our election, I don’t get why Progressives aren’t mad at Barack Obama. He had the power to stop the “meddling.” He said it was impossible for Russia to rig the election. Why not be angry at the DNC who used straw votes, super-delegates, and rigged debates. The establishment forced the nomination to Hillary, when Bernie and Biden would’ve inevitably been better candidates.They played identity politics instead of putting the best candidate out there and that’s why Trump is president.
I fail to understand the modern left. I was disappointed in Barack Obama, but I didn’t harass people that supported him. This is America and patriots must fight to defend the Constitution and Democracy.
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One thought on “The Modern Left Worships Government by Jeffery McNeil

  1. Great article, as usual lol!
    I heard someone give a reference to Dems way of screwing with Republicans, they throw something out to see if it sticks, if not they throw something else out until it does. They are getting more ridiculous everyday!
    They are offended by everything we do and have been doing for centuries. All of a sudden you can’t wish people a Merry Christmas.
    They are going to push us to far. I’m there but many Republicans for whatever reason are worried about offending. I don’t care about political correctness, I never have nor will I start now. I will not let a bunch of crazy Democrats who either need to take pills or are taking to many, tell me what to do or say!
    Republicans should stop letting them get away with it. I feel this is the problem. They have gone way way way to far with their cry babying.

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