How Third-Wave, Modern Day Feminism Threatens Constitutional Rights by Pamela Maikantis

The outbreak of radical feminism and the threat to constitutional rights, on their own, are pretty obvious issues being caused by liberals and globalists. We’re seeing places like the U.K. and Europe being stripped of what is America’s first amendment right to free speech, through the silencing of opinions under the premise of “hate speech.” Liberals and Democrats are constantly advocating for gun control and the abolition of the second amendment. Then you have radical feminists, who are constantly blurring the very definition of what sexual assault is; stretching it to include things like a simple touch or “catcalling.”

It feels like every day, there are new accusations of sexual assault in the media. Are the feminists right? Do we indeed have an issue of “rape culture in the west?” I don’t think so. The idea of rape culture in Western society on its’ own is flawed. We’re taught from a young age that rape is wrong. Men (or women) don’t rape because we’re subtly conditioned to think it’s okay. So then what is it?

There are few labels more heinous that you can give a man in todays’ society than “rapist,” and I hardly think it’s a coincidence that these accusations are being thrown at men in positions of power, often in opposing political parties. It’s all too easy to tarnish a mans’ reputation nowadays with movements like #metoo and #believeallwomen. If you question a woman’s’ claim that she was raped, you’re a monster. You’re perpetuating rape culture. You’re silencing victims.

Whatever happened to due process? The right to a fair trial? Since when did it become such a foreign concept that sometimes, probably more than we want to admit, people lie – especially when there’s political or social gain involved. Do we throw that all out the window and assume that every single woman is honest, and just instantly vilify every man accused of rape?

The fifth amendment states that every American citizen has the right to due process, fundamental fairness, justice and liberty. Movements like “me too” and “believe all women” compromise that very constitutional right. It’s not necessarily convicting someone without a trial, but it certainly enforced the mindset that as soon as the accusation of rape is made, a man is guilty. Automatically. You have to believe us. We’re women.
I’m a woman, and I want safety and protection for my fellow women as much as the next person. However, I don’t believe that as a woman, what I say is above the law or takes priority over the justice system.

I don’t believe all women, I believe in a Constitution that was implemented to protect citizens.

One thought on “How Third-Wave, Modern Day Feminism Threatens Constitutional Rights by Pamela Maikantis

  1. First and Second Wave Feminists were the “good” Feminists. They had a message, and also pushed fair treatment/rights for women> But, when feminism melds with the LGBTA-Z community, it stops being “Feminism” and starts being “Civil Rights”. Yeah, sure: We should treat all accusations of rape and moselstation as serious charges, but we shouldn’t grill people over ALLOGATIONS, we should grill them over PROOF. Proof, not allogations. However, when we are told to believe all women, then that leaves out the idea that the man has a right to defend himself, too. Modern day feminism is about what women have historically been about: special treatment for no other reason than just because of “women”.
    Good article overall. I urge you to continue writing for the University Conservative. New ideas and viewpoints will only make us stronger. Keep up the good work.

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