The Open Season: Leaders of the Hunt by Reid Neason

We all know the drill. The left missed a layup of a presidential election in 2016, so since then, they have shifted their rhetoric and policies into maximum overdrive. The pinnacle assertion that adorns their new radical agenda is that anyone who disagrees with them is a (deep inhale) racist/sexist/misogynistic/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/classist/Islamophobic/anti-Semitic Nazi. Put simply, they are ready and willing to combat anyone who has the evil audacity to not think the way they do. It is a plain-and-simple hunting party, and open season began on November 8, 2016.

Perhaps the most voracious hunters in this open season on conservative values are those who have an unprecedented stake in our everyday lives: big tech. A leaked video of an all-hands TGIF meeting that took place in November 2016 sees Google executives all wailing that they didn’t get the president they wanted. Because their opinions obviously matter more than yours, they came to a common consensus that they could use their unprecedentedly innovative technology to project an undue influence on the Trump presidency and its agenda.

The presence of big tech in this hunt, however, is more than simply talk. Twitter has shown that they can and will silence anyone who does not cave to the radical dogma that is gaining an increasingly profound platform on the left. Call a person convicted of treason a traitor? You don’t deserve a voice. Women aren’t men? Obviously hate speech. Someone who supports Sharia law isn’t the best icon for women & the LGBT community? No First Amendment rights for you. Support the person who made that last statement? You’re gone too, except they’ll say it’s because you’re under 13 because they can’t make it look *too* obvious. I’ve even begun to think that me and my fellow authors’ days on Twitter are numbered, and I even try not to tweet about politics that much.

But perhaps the most disturbing thing about the hunting down of our values is the incidents to which Silicon Valley turns a blind eye. Those who use their platforms are made to submit to a progressive utopia, while simultaneously are expected to tolerate ideas from certain individuals on the left such as “Jews are termites and the spawn of Satan,” “Barron Trump should be placed in a cage with pedophiles,” and “Dana Loesch should have her children killed.”

This would all be only an iota more excusable if the masses were generally against such fascistic practices. But they’re not. FiveThirtyEight statistician Nate Silver replied to a tweet about the trending status of several conservative articles on Facebook with “Kinda feels like Facebook has stopped even trying…” We all know what he was referring to: the suppression of non-liberal content. This would still happen if not for Brian Amerige, a whistleblower who announced that he was once part of a team at Facebook that systematically eliminated right-wing content from the site’s newsfeed.

One thing that these hunters didn’t count on, though, was that we are the most dangerous game. We will always support those who are persecuted de facto for their political beliefs. We always come back stronger than ever. And when elections come around, big tech will see that their authoritarian practices are nothing more than political suicide.

To close out, I will leave you with a list of other things that you shouldn’t do if you want to avoid becoming the next target of the great conservative-hunting expedition:

– Use the phrase “illegal aliens”, though it has appeared in official US government documents. (Center for Immigration Studies)
– Post evidence of verbal abuse you’ve received on social media. (Jaimie Glazov)
– Disseminate instructions on making 3D-printed guns. (many)
– Publicly discuss the existence of a deep state. (Subreddit /r/thegreatawakening)
– Pray for the protection of children from demons. (Warriors for Christ)
– Post a review of a conservative-written book. (Jon Del Arroz)
– Criticize CNN. (Ashton Whitty)

Happy Twittering.

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