Moral Distinctions Between the Left and the Right by Jeffery McNeil


 I believe the only way to find common ground is to converse with people who disagree with you. Unlike the Joy Behars and the partisans on CNN and MSNBC, I can easily speak with people on both sides of the political spectrum. I speak to LGBT rights activists, as well as, Muslims, Evangelicals and Atheists. America has 300 million people and the way to manage that many different views is elections. Sometimes my ideals prevail, while they’re often rejected. I’m a salesman and rejection is part of life. I spend little time chasing people that have no interest in me while liberals yearn for the affection of others.

 I never saw people I differed with as evil or wrong. However, some progressives force me to question their morality. Some progressives actually believe cutting taxes or reforming entitlements is the moral equivalent to sending people to concentration camps or incinerators. By calling people “fascist” or “Nazi” they diminish the abhorrence of real fascists and Nazis. Democrats haven’t been this angry since Abe Lincoln freed the slaves. They went from behaving like a jilted lovers to behaving like an obsessed, lovesick stalker who can’t get over being dumped. Progressives have become miserable, full of bitterness, rage and hate. I’ll admit, I rarely watch shows like “The View.” However, Joy Behar has reached another level of insanity by asserting that living under Donald Trump is equivalent to living under autocratic regimes such as those in North Korea and Iran. According to liberal logic, forced labor camps or throwing gays off rooftops is the moral equivalent of entitlement reform or cutting taxes.

Despite their dire warnings and apocalyptic visions, since Trump’s election, the world has not ended. All Trump has done since becoming president is make good on his promise to restore America’s greatness. The stock market is rising, the economy is growing at a 3 percent rate, trillions of dollars of new wealth are being created, and Black and Latino unemployment rates have declined to 17-year lows.

African-Americans have been so fixated on racism and politics that they fail to see the opportunities being created for them. White liberals like Joy Behar have instilled in African-Americans a dependency mindset, a belief that making money is immoral and wrong. For all the time wasted marching, protesting and crying about racism, African-Americans could have created wealth for themselves by buying stocks, bonds and property to rebuild their own neighborhoods and communities. Instead, they beg others to help them, then complain when their neighborhoods gentrify. Identity politics went from having pride and dignity, to a dangerous cocktail of low self-esteem, selfishness and narcissism masquerading as social justice.

You’ll find out your circle of friends will diminish when you embrace capitalism and reject being miserable. Progressives don’t see the big picture; it’s all about instant gratification. They see compromise or pragmatism as selling out. Everything to them is purity. They can’t take yes for an answer. I don’t believe white people owe me, nor do I want anything from them. I don’t want their bowl of porridge, free cell phones or Obamacare. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”

Jeffery McNeil is an award-winning writer and has been published in the Washington Examiner. Follow him on Twitter @Big_crusher1000 

One thought on “Moral Distinctions Between the Left and the Right by Jeffery McNeil

  1. The distinctions especially show when it comes to religiousness on both sides. Religious Democrats, it seems to me, usually are less religious than their Republican counterparts. I’m not saying I’m better than others. But, there is a distinction between those who love Israel because they have to and those who love the country because they just do. Another thing is the “Well, the Bible says this” crowd. No, Hillary Clinton and Cenk Yugar: The Bible does NOT agree with abortion.

    I heartily agree with your point, Jeffery. Good article!

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