Being Conservative In DC Is Like Being A Marrano During The Spanish Inquisition by Jeffery McNeil


When you’re a conservative living in Washington D.C. sometimes it feels like a Marrano during the Spanish Inquisition. During the 15th century Marranos were Jews living in Spain that were forced publicly to convert to Christianity or be persecuted.

Today’s Democratic Party has resembled the Holy Office of the Inquisition, where the Constitution been thrown out the window in the Left’s zest to make Trump supporters adhere to their distorted worldview. These new keepers of the dogma believe only their views can be the prevailing wisdom. In their view, abortion is sacred and being pro-life is heresy. If you believe marriage should be between a man and woman, it is off to the dungeon. When Liberalism gets repudiated, the excuses are not within but are attributed to racism, sexism, and voter suppression.  Those that reject the dogma are tinfoil hats and conspiracy kooks. In this new world of intolerance, women are fragile and men are patriarchal oppressors. If you question the dogma of the church, any attack towards you is defensible because in the Left’s eyes not being angry or caving to the mob makes you instantly guilty of evil.

Democrats, such as Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton, publicly say dialogue and debate are unnecessary. These were the same tactics used by clergymen during the Spanish Inquisition towards those that didn’t know their place.  Demagoguery and emotional appeals are the tactics of the clergymen during the 15th century. In modern history Lenin, Mao and Castro all started off as Messianic leaders pretending to be warriors for social justice.They preached the dream of paradise and having everything your heart desired, from free college to healthcare. Once in power, they killed off their rivals.

Revolutions eat their own and that’s what’s happening in today’s Democratic Party. The radicals, who don’t understand the complexities of economics are selling out to their oppressors. It will be interesting watching the Democratic Establishment try to lie and manipulate the Socialist wing of Democrats.

It’s going to be fun watching the Alan Dershowitz’s of the Democratic Party who are Pro Israel, try to unite with  Pro Palestinian Social Justice Warriors such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. All have ties to Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour who believes Israel is an apartheid state and once tweeted at Christian activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Ali saying, “they should have their vaginas removed,”  because they don’t share her extreme, radical views.

It will be fun watching the Frankenstein Democrats created. Stay tuned:

Will Nancy Pelosi be speaker?

Is Ocasio Cortez the latest flash or is she going to be around for awhile?

Will the radicals stay true to themselves or will they sell out to the Democrats. We are in  new territory, where being a conservative in Washington D.C. is equivalent  to being a Marrano during the Spanish Inquisition.

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