The Limousine Liberal by Jeffery McNeil

There is a huge disconnect between Washington elites and the working class, when it comes to asylum for migrants. Many outside Washington D.C. view left-wing elites as out of touch and clueless. American see Democrats stand behind  people that don’t want to obey our laws and customs over Americans that obey the rules and pay taxes.. While they clamor for taking in migrants and loosening immigration regulations, none of these limousine liberals that virtue signal and browbeat others as being xenophobic and racist  have sacrificed nothing to welcome refugees.

They are quick to chastise anyone with concerns about refugees crossing our border, but have no refugees or illegal immigrants living in their lily white segregated communities. It’s easy to be self-righteous about taking in refugees when your job isn’t being undercut by cheap illegal labor, and your schools, hospitals and communities aren’t being flooded with illegal immigrants. While liberals accuse others of being xenophobic, I wonder what sacrifices they made to be welcoming to poor immigrants. Americans are not anti-immigrant, they are pissed off because we have ineffective leaders who for 30 years have been reluctant to resolve this issue because of the political implications.

Wanting to have a safe secure border does not make you a racist. We are endlessly told by elites that our debt is crippling our sovereignty. We can’t continue spending for the poor here in America. Then you see these same politicians that won’t spend a dime to build a road or bridge in America, send billions of dollars building infrastructure to South and Latin American countries. These politicians say this with a smile while stabbing  us in the back. Then these elites have the arrogance to wonder why the middle class is in revolt and rallying behind Donald Trump.

I’ve never been critical of humanitarians and activists that are on the front lines putting their lives and bodies on the line to help others. I know a real liberal when I see one, but today they no longer exist. When I think of real liberals, I think of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, who not only talked of a benevolent society but were men of the people. They tried to build coalitions and bring people together, not divide people by demonizing those who disagreed with them.

Today, liberalism has lost its core. There are no Dr. Kings, or Robert Kennedy’s, people that knew how to persuade rather than demonize others who didn’t share their point of view. What you have today is limousine liberals, people more concerned about their social status than humanity. These people are quick to tell you how hateful, racist, and selfish you are, while never sacrificing anything themselves.

I have more respect for real conservatives such as Donald Trump, who put their money where their mouths are, helping black colleges, as well as donating to hospitals and funding cancer patients. In comparison to media blowhards like Mika Brzezinski, Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow, who constantly whine about how good they are while everyone else is cold and callous about humanity. I have had enough of limousine liberals. These people are the most hate-filled, hypocritical people on earth. They act like they are the only people that care about clean air, clean water and humanity. But you’ll discover they use situations such as caravans and migrants as a prop to push their one-world  United Nations agenda.

The next time you see one of these limousine liberals demand that others welcome refugees and migrants, the networks should have a disclaimer, to see if these revolutionaries of privilege are putting any personal capital behind the rhetoric. I’m curious if moralists such as if Jorge Ramos or Stephanie Ruhle, who love to tell others what they ought to do, are opening their homes to make room for Syrian refugees in their neighborhoods and communities.

It’s easy to be liberal with other people’s lives and money. However, what capital are they risking to help others? People sacrifice when they see those who can afford to help, take the lead.

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  1. I agree, people can talk all they want but their actions are what really counts! We are watching and some of us can see through their bull, others just don’t want to. Some of us try to live in reality because in the end that’s all that matters. People need to watch what people do not listen to what they say. So many lies from everywhere and basing opinions from lies just makes it worse.

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