Five Things All Americans Should Be Thankful For by Peter Moon

As we all eat our turkey and have fun with our families, I think there are five things all Americans, regardless of political belief, sexual preference, race, creed, background, or gender preference, should be thankful for and here they are:


First off, I think every citizen of our country should know that, at the time of writing this article, America is not involved in any war, overseas conflict, and we are not at risk of M.A.D. Another thing that isn’t going on right now is a mandatory draft; no boy or girl, once they are of the appropriate age, needs to go off to fight in a war where they may sacrifice themselves for their country. No child needs to feel sadness over the fact that their brother, sister, father, or mother will probably not return home, and may die in some foreign land where their death could have been avoided. In many places of the country, citizens do not need to worry that their home may be invaded, or that an invasion of the country is imminent. Our children can grow up as kids (if they are left alone; child sexualization of the Left aside (look up “sexualization” on Anthony Brian Logan’s channel if you want some evidence of that claim)), and don’t need to worry that they will need to grow up with a war in their neighborhoods. However, if you are in this situation, I’m sorry; I wish only the best for you and your family.


To all Conservatives and Liberals: Have you realized that you have the ability to shout out whatever you want to say and will suffer no repercussions from the government? (Besides yelling “fire” in a crowded theater) Our Constitution has always guaranteed us as men and women of these 50 states the ability to do this, but in recent times, people on both sides have claimed the government to be behind censorship of speech. While I can’t speak for recent administrations, I can speak for right now: Neither the press, nor the population, has been silenced by the President. And, even if Mr. Trump had done something to silence the press in any way, he would have been immediately stopped. Trust me, the press would have exploded over such an event. Another thing: While internet censorship has been a problem this year, it is not government-promoted. Despite what conspiracies may promote, the government has not been approving Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube to ban Conservative idealists. What these companies have been doing has been wrong; however, the government has not been allowing it to happen without repercussions. You, the citizens of America, have the right to criticize Mr. Trump on everything and anything about him, and I have the right to rebut your claims and slams. It’s in the Constitution, and it’s a God-given right.


In Communist Russia, the citizens were not allowed to do certain things that we as Americans were allowed to do. Expressions that in any way threatened the state, were considered illegal. In some cases, these expressions included religious beliefs, as well as political beliefs. In the Middle East and  in certain countries, it is illegal to believe in the god of the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, or even to disbelieve in any god. In America, churches, mosques, synagogues, and other spiritual places are legally allowed to stand, and are welcome to exist (due to tax cuts for them; trust me, it takes a lot of money to run buildings of these sizes). While not all Americans believe in a god, the majority of those who do aren’t persecuting the formerly mentioned. It’s not illegal to attend church, and it’s not illegal to stay home. It’s not illegal to slander Christianity; in addition, it’s not illegal to promote your belief in God. Do we have instances of these events happening? Sure; all countries have. But, what makes America special is that we do not accept these actions, and we do not brutally punish those who commit them. In our country, a man like Styxhexenhammer, a Paganist and former Satanist, can freely speak his mind. Ben Shapiro, a Jewish believer, is allowed to have a radio show and a spot on the Daily Wire’s roll call. Michael Knowles, a prominent Catholic man, also has the freedom of his own radio show. Muslims are allowed to serve on our courts, in our judiciaries, and our government; Baptists are allowed to freely run for political offices; and, even Hindus, as well as Atheists, have the right to do what they want, so long as it’s lawful with whomever they want. This is another thing which sets us apart from other countries; in the Middle East, you’re only allowed to believe in a certain sect of Islam. If you don’t follow the law to it’s letter there, your head gets the sword. In China, pastors are arrested and jailed. In Turkey, pastors have been jailed. What we in America is exclusive, and has been for 200 years.


Another thing all Americans should be thankful for is that our economy is helping all Americans. In Venezuela, inflation rates are historically high and keep increasing. In Russia, their economy is significantly smaller than ours. In India, the economic status of millions is lower than millions of U.S. citizens. Employment opportunities for different groups in our country is at an all time high. Hispanic unemployment, black unemployment, unemployment for women-all of these groups have more work opportunity now than ever. You can attribute this to Obama or Trump, but regardless, it is something we must surely be thankful for.


While America’s government may be divided, don’t forget that 150 years ago, our nation was in the midst of a civil war. Not 6 years ago, our government was divided completely. While we are going to have some bumps in the road, we can all agree: It could be worse, a lot worse. Our government isn’t promoting apartheid, nor is it promoting racial segregation, and it certainly isn’t abusing it’s legislative power. No one is being sent to the goo-logs, and pastors/imams/priests aren’t being locked up for preaching against certain things. Our country may be divided along political belief lines, but a civil war isn’t in progress, and we aren’t outright avoiding each other. We have a lot to be thankful for, and the absence of war is one of the biggest ones I can think of.

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