Liberal White Guilt Has Done More Harm Than White Supremacy by Jeffery McNeil

I never saw myself as a Conservative, I always viewed myself as a natural-born skeptic. I really don’t care what the mouth says, it’s what people do. I’m fifty years old, I dealt with every special interest of the Democratic Party from labor bosses to ACLU lawyers. Since the sixties, Liberals haven’t  changed their message, they just repackage them. It’s always the same nonsense of government intervention, tax and spend, and the race card. When that doesn’t work, they promise free college and medicaid for all. Do you ever wonder why liberals never openly run on issues they are passionate about. Although there are many activist groups that defend a woman’s right to choose and LGBT rights, why do liberals run to the courts instead of trying to pass legislation? Why cant abortion or gender transitions be done through Congress and signed by the president. Isn’t this Democracy? No matter what liberals say, Donald Trump will go down as the most effective president in history. In two years he has nominated nearly 300 Conservative judges so even if a Democrat gets elected president, they won’t be able to use the courts to overturn Democracy.

As a Black not African, because I was born in America, I yearn for our own Black Donald Trump. Someone who will teach African Americans how to do things for themselves instead of looking for friends and allies. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have and in the words of Lyn Collins. “We gotta use what we got to get what we want!!!”  I truly believe liberal White Guilt has done more harm than white supremacy. You don’t help someone by patting them on the head and saying you poor thing. I want African Americans to have pride and dignity and not be reduced to begging others for their existence. You can tell who your friends are by if they accept you being independent? Liberals come as friends, but the minute you take charge they show their true colors. You’ll find out liberals are control freaks that want to shame, bully, and intimidate. When you say no they become Snowflakes and are reduced into having hissy fits and temper tantrums.

I don’t mind being the villian. I’m not moved by liberals.  I heard every sad story and sob song. While I believe in rugged individualism and free markets, I consider myself a Republican that’s compassionate. I serve my church and feed the homeless but I’m not a liberal hypocrite and  I have no need to virtue signal about the good works I do. I believe in giving someone a “Hand Up not a Hand Out.”  I disagree with Trump when it comes to building a wall, but I also disagree with the Left for putting the interest of foreigners over the interest of America’s. Walls are not racist. There are walls everywhere. Your computer has a wall to block malicious software, because  you wouldn’t want your finances to be insecure. Your body has an immune system to block cancerous cells so why would anybody be against securing your borders unless you’re a Democrat.

There is a conservative vein that runs deeply in the black community. Truth is, many African Americans are Conservative, but don’t know it.. Deep down African Americans know abortion is immoral and  they believe in strong families where the Father is the breadwinner. They know men should be playing physical sports, not wearing lipstick and makeup!!! They want their daughters marrying a man that can provide, not hold hands with someone that just got out of jail, can’t keep a job, and has his pants hanging off his ass. There are many African Americans that  don’t subscribe to the victim rhetoric spouted by Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson. They are not interested in poor inner city African Americans lifting themselves up, they need African Americans wounded, aggrieved and  dependent on liberal white guilt and government, because that’s how they how they stay relative in the Black Community.

Everyone needs help, however, I believe in teaching people how to be  self-sufficient, rather than depend on “Massa” or Big Government for your daily bread. I grew up in some of the worst  projects in Camden New Jersey and Philadelphia. I slept in tunnels and grates. I been evicted and fired. Tough Times Never Last But Tough People do.  I saw miracles; I saw single mothers leave their abusive boyfriends and go to college and get PHD. I was a drug addict, a  junkie, did a stint or two in jail. I was angry and I blamed the white man for everything. I thought I was smart, but I was never organized or read any books. When I learned to read and write my life changed. I quit being a sissy or snowflake and became a man that took personal responsibility for the decisions I make.

If I kept listening to the victim philosophy peddled by regressives I would still be sleeping in a shelter waiting on free housing and a minimum wage job. Struggle is essential to the human condition I like working my ass off. I like messes and problems. They give me a reason to get up the morning. Liberals like to complain, while I like solving problems. Capitalism is harsh and cruel, but in order to be a winner, you first must learn how to handle failure and disappointment. I believe organizations such as Street Sense work way better than anything coming from Washington. I don’t  believe the best way to end inequality is to have everyone miserable and unhappy. I believe in freedom and prosperity. It’s my opinion and if you disagree, I really don’t care!!!

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