Up From Grievance Politics by Jeffery McNeil


They say a Conservative is actually a liberal who’s been mugged, when the Conservatives are actually liberals that have been screwed. I never considered myself a Conservative but a libertarian because I argue for freedom, rather than having someone hover over me, telling me how to live my life. Sometimes I’m befuddled by the angry responses I produce when I tell fringes of the Democratic Party, “You don’t control me!”

Its been a fascination to the point of obsession why African-Americans support liberal positions, when many minorities are further to the right on many issues than Trump supporters. According to a Pew research poll, 40% of African Americans oppose marriage equality, 52% believe abortion is morally wrong, and many believe in a tighter border security on illegal immigration, along with stronger law enforcement in regards to crime. Truth is, many Africans are Conservative but don’t know it. There is a conservative vein that runs deeply in the black community, since many African Americans are products of the black church. Auditoriums are packed when black pastors and prosperous ministers preach the wisdom of personal responsibility and accountability, instead of the liberal government rhetoric that’s spewed by poverty pimps such as Al Sharpton and Micheal Eric Dyson. As a minority, I yearn for a new black leader to emerge. One that will inspire a new generation of black men to be independent and self-reliant. This was the message that was preached by Booker T, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.

While their are some fringes on the Right, the liberal DC council and The Black Caucus are  just as fringe and absurd as their right-wing counterparts. There are many minorities who don’t believe in the victim rhetoric that is spouted by these groups. Nor do they believe they’re representative of the views of the black community. These groups are not interested in equal justice but interested in making money off their rhetoric.

Being critical of the left can bring the ire of many liberals. Those that disagree or oppose what they say will be rendered heartless or racist. When you don’t agree with their viewpoints, one can be branded as an Uncle Tom or a race traitor.

What turned me off from liberalism wasn’t the cause, but the partisans of the left. Many are sincere in their convictions, however, there are countless others that I feel are latte liberals. They champion the little people up until its time to punch off from work then go off to their suburban homes pontificating about what others ought to do for humanity.  Their views are not based on realities or altruism, but social theories that border on arrogance. They believe they are the anointed who are morally superior and through their wisdom they can improve and correct humanity.

This put me at conflict with those I once agreed with. What I learned being homeless was, while everyone needs help, many don’t understand how to truly help . Giving someone a hot meal or a pair of socks is not help but feel good liberalism. A better approach to help the truly needy is to give them the ingredients to cook their own food so they won’t have to rely on someone to feed them. That would help them to not become dependent on others and also teach them to trust their God-given ability than rely on others to provide for them  Giving them the gift of responsibility would teach them skills to become producers, which will create opportunities in their community instead of becoming dependent on someone else to take care of their needs.

I grew up in some the worst  projects and crack houses  in New Jersey and Philadelphia.   I saw the miracles; single mothers, junkies and criminals change their lives when they gave up their dependency to Uncle Sam and educate themselves, start businesses and become successful.  They will tell you that they encountered the same temptations of the hood that hindered many, but others followed their dreams and got out of the projects.

These are my heroes it was through their example that got me off of drugs and off the streets.  If I kept listening to victim philosophy that is perpetually trumpeted by the left,  I would still be homeless. I believe that the best approach to poverty is not to teach people there victims therefore you should be compensated.  Although free enterprise is harsh and cruel, it is the the ticket out of poverty. The free markets give the poor choices that government programs wont.

I believe liberals have a hard time grasping that the best way to end inequality is not to have everyone share in equal poverty, when now is the time to embrace free-market capitalism.

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  1. GOOD JOB SMART PEOPLE ROCK! using the victim card gets you no where. Just because you are dealt certain cards doesn’t mean you need to play them!
    Great article keep em coming!

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