The UC Update by Chad Quigley

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does the time of year where we count our blessings in gratitude. I am offering a special prayer of Thanksgiving for the good that has been produced through The University Conservative and for the integrity and graciousness of the people that have made this happen.

Although society has been injected with delusion, dishonest thinking, and nihilism, there are people that combat it everyday with personal responsibility, western morality, and patriotism. There are also people, who through their selfish and corrupted perspectives, do not care about the prosperity of the principles that this country was founded upon. This may be partially due to ignorance and the poor influence of identity politics, but whatever the case may be, good always prevails in the end.

The University Conservative has produced articles with ideas that reject the present culture of nihilism. There are great people in the country that recognize good in the face of evil and want to fight to protect it. People have written about experiences where they had to courageously stay true to their values when they’ve been discriminated against for their conservative beliefs. Others have been able to use historical evidence to explain the falsehoods of the Democratic party and why capitalism, along with other conservative fundamentals, have led to the economic and social progression of the United States. Finally,  there are the writers who have garnered much knowledge from following the current, political landscape and have used it to analyze the news/current events in a proficient manner.

Where is TUC headed?

We hope that people will continue to use the values of civility and respect to productively share their ideas, experiences, and analyses to The UC. We’ve evolved the site to make it easier to use and conservative thinkers can now submit articles through our submission form at Our goal is to make the articles better and better and we want our audience to comment, like, and discuss issues on our website, where discourse is not somewhat limited to the liberal domain (Ex: Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

We also strongly believe that, because of social media and other practical ways to access the news, that anyone with a strong knowledge of current events and formulated opinions on them can contribute. We also have implemented the “Maroon Elite” milestone for the best writers. To subscribe to see articles from the top, young conservatives and support us, go to

The University Conservative is the most genuine and value-driven conservative movement. With your help, we can continue to make this a success. On behalf of everyone else invested in The University Conservative, we are very thankful to everyone following/contributing and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

In God We Trust.


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