The Blue Wave Ran Into a Red Wall by Jeffery Mcneil


Whenever Democrats lose elections, they blame everything except for themselves. It’s always Russian bots, voter suppression, or racism. Although Democrats won the house, the much acclaimed “Blue Wave was basically a Blue Trickle.”  If you delve into the numbers, it wasn’t a good night for the resistance. Despite a star studded cast and cameos from Barack Obama, Beto O’rourke, Andrew Gillum, and Stacey Abrams lost.

While some will play the race card, the fact is that Ron DeSantis, who ran against Andrew Gillum, won 44% of the Latino vote and 14% of the Black vote. Brian Kemp ran against Stacey Abrams, who is also African American, yet won votes from 75% of white women, 37% of Latinos, and an impressive 11% of black men, according to CNN exit polls. My advice to Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum is concede! You lost, not because of racism or voter suppression, but because the people rejected your ideas.

The people of Florida and Georgia were not impressed with Oprah and Barack Obama. Many Hispanics and other minorities realize that conservative policies work. Florida and Georgia have no state taxes, great economies, and plenty of jobs. Many people who have great jobs and decent healthcare aren’t interested in radical progressive policies that will turn their states into New York and California. Economist Thomas Sowell once said, “There are no solutions, only trade offs.” D.C. has many social programs, extensive regulations, and extreme poverty rates, while the South has fewer services with a lower cost of living. The truth is that many black, Hispanic and elderly people are fleeing high tax states such as New York and migrating to the South.

The Democrats that did win, won because they said they opposed Nancy Pelosi, or were running against Washington. Hopefully, the influx of new Democrats elected in states like Kansas and Oklahoma like winning elections instead of being beholden to the New York and San Francisco interests that have run the Democrats into the ground. Hopefully, these new Democrats move back to bread-and-butter politics, centrist policies, and diminish the power of San Francisco and New York.

I believe America needs two healthy political parties. I hope Democrats find areas where they can work with President Trump — such as criminal justice reform, lowering healthcare costs and infrastructure — rather then bogging down the nation with prolonged investigations and impeachment talks that will surely fail in the Senate.

I will let sane, sober Democrats who are not on the far left in on a secret. There are many  conservatives who care about the poor and healthcare and who want to fix our broken immigration system. I want poor people to get out of poverty instead of being mired in it. I believe healthcare should be treated as a product instead of pushing one-size-fits-all solutions. I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m pro-common sense. Illegal means you broke the law and cut in front of others who came here legally. There is a process to gaining lawful citizenship. Any immigration reform must include law enforcement and building a wall.

Hopefully, Democrats will find their own President Trump: someone who thinks outside the system, takes on the media, and isn’t beholden to big donors. If Democrats go with Corey Booker or Kamala Harris, Donald  Trump will win in a landslide. As long as Democrats are slaves to Hollywood, George Soros and the Clinton/Obama machine will continue to lose.I hope the Democratic party heeds my warnings. I would like them to control one branch of government.

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