Why & How I Became A Conservative by Rinzlr

The world we know today is growing into a day and age of complete division. An age of rapid change and increasing tension between the ideologies of the Left and the Right. On most fronts some would simply say it is because we agree to disagree, and while there is some weight to this truth, we fail to really review the qualities of Libertarians in the aspect of conservatism. Most of which, really are vital to protecting our democracy.

In fact, there isn’t one doubt in my mind that our early Founding Fathers were more closely related to right-leaning Libertarians. I know I’ll get tons of negative feedback for it, but for me, I find myself near that flirtatious line of Libertarian/Republican. While we can discuss those differences at a later time, I believe in the extended efforts of individual labor and returning to the individual what is rightfully his in keeping his full wage. Government should stay out of my pocket, your pocket, and everyone else’s. I believe in the clear statement of the Second Amendment, that we as citizens of the United States have the right to bear arms and form a militia to overthrow a tyrannical government, should they infringe these liberties. As it is a natural right to defend yourself, the Second Amendment stands as that right to defend the self. I believe in lower taxes and privatization in education, strong law-enforcement, and jobs in the workforce to counter rising expenses, while also promoting a competitive capitalist society. Where my other beliefs differ is simply put through the potential outlets that cannabis can provide. I believe that the government should never have a say about what you can or cannot be put into your own body. In fact, I strongly believe cannabis is highly overlooked in the possibilities of opening up new jobs, alternatives to medicine, clothing in hemp, dietary supplements and simply lifestyle liberties. My position on cannabis is a progressive one in the means that benefit the economy and to benefit the people. While there can be various forums discussing what conservatism is, I only touch lightly on the broadly mainstream qualities as they are those that many can relate to. Overall, as an American, I believe in advancing the individual to live forward and achieve their passions; the American Dream.

Why and how I became a conservative is simply because I was tired of being used. I was tired of the Left using my ethnic background to fuel economic and social agendas that did not fit my passions and infringed my freedoms. Minorities are not considered to be minority, in fact it is the exact opposite. On the electoral level, it shouldn’t matter who is of what origin. The main purpose of putting those said elected officials in positions of power is to speak for the people. To advocate for the people. It is not a basis of advantage for employment. It should not matter if they’re Black, White, Native American, Indian, or Korean. Stating that ethnicity is stealing their character and minimizing that said individual to a nasty, single characteristic that is easily manipulated to the public. Identity politics is garbage, wrong, and a game the Democratic Party loves to play. This isn’t discrimination, it is common sense. They didn’t vote for someone based on their skin tone, they voted because they believe in that person and expect things to change for the better. In addition to, I am tired of seeing homelessness in my hometown. In witnessing the crude injustice the Left has imposed through policy, California has become a toxic region that drains the patriot of the means of living. Time and time again, people have left the region due to what the Left has done to this once prosperous, golden state.

I became disgusted with the systemic slavery that the left advocates for in welfare, prisons, schools, and elections. Witnessing how frequent homelessness is within the state of California, it made me angry to see the Left using identity politics to promote a very damaging and immoral agenda for Socialistic cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and multiple west coast cities. I am tired of witnessing San Francisco in ruin due to drugs, poverty, and homelessness. I grew up in the Central Valley of California, where it is notorious for agriculture, small businesses, and genuine working class people along with laborers. In conclusion, I became tired of letting the left ruin my home, and it is because of that very reason I became a conservative in my first year at university. While these are all only a brief amount of issues the state is ridiculed with, I can only hope other from the outside sympathize over the crucial importance that my state has on a national level. I was 17 when I chose the GOP, and I will never regret it.

First-Time Writer, Fresno State University

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