Should Black Celebrities Meet with President Trump? by Jeffery Mcneil


The black community is in an uproar over Kanye West and Jim Brown’s White House visit with  President Trump on prison reform. I don’t get it. What is wrong with the  people, who are filled with such hate over these meetings?  I don’t agree with everything Kanye West or Jim Brown do, but I thought this was America. Since when do blacks have a license on how we should vote? Liberals claim to be the party of voting rights, unless you vote for someone other than a Democrat. Can an African American have another view other then being a victim and wanting public assistance?

Criminal justice was an issue I thought all blacks supported? If you call yourself a social justice warrior, isn’t it selfish that black progressives such as Don Lemon and Juan Williams mock those trying to free black men, who have been incarcerated, and let their pettiness keep them imprisoned  because they personally hate Donald Trump? If the President wants to work with black celebrities to address problems affecting the black community and people such as Maxine Waters say they refuse to work with Trump on anything, then they are putting their selfish interests over the good of the black community.

Many black  athletes such as Jim Brown and Ray Lewis have done great work in the black community.  Jim Brown’s  Amer I Can helps troubled youths, while Ray Lewis’s Power 52 helps formerly incarcerated inmates find work. Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian,  has worked with Trump on criminal justice, as well. This Trump-hating madness, when he’s willing to fix an issue affecting the black community, is why we need to evaluate this group-think mentality.

You should never put all your eggs in one basket and that’s what the Black community has been doing for fifty tears. People say Republicans are racist. However, when blacks began voting Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt wasn’t exactly pro black. He refused to sign anti-lynching legislation,while many of the New Deal legislation excluded African Americans to appease racist Democratic Senators. None of this stopped African Americans from voting Democrat. In 1948, after we fought to defeat Hitler while facing discrimination at home, Strom Thurmond walked out and split the party. During the sixties Dixiecrats spat on us, lynched us, and George Wallace stood on the door-steps at the University of Alabama, but blacks  gave Lyndon Johnson 80% of their vote. So does racism prevent Africans from supporting Democrats?

To my black brethren, quit sipping the wine and read a damn book! It was a Republican, Judge Earl Warren, that passed Brown Vs Board of Education. Dwight Eisenhower began sending federal marshals to desegregate public schools in the South. Richard Nixon passed the first Civil Rights Bill, while John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson opposed it. The Civil Rights and Voting Rights were filibustered by Democratic Sen. Al Gore Sr and Robert Byrd, while it was passed with Republican votes. If the Civil Rights and the Great Society was so good for African Americans, why did so many cities like Detroit and Newark, end up rioting?

Donald Trump is teaching African Americans their worth more than Food Stamps and a Welfare check. He’s teaching blacks to build up their own communities, rather than looking for Washington to do everything for them. Black people have a one trillion dollar economy, which is way more than they would receive from reparations. However, these corrupt black politicians keep leading them down the path of misery.  I don’t want to be a victim, nor do I want a free lunch. I want what Trump and Kanye have. The American Dream. I don’t want to listen to limousine liberals, who are rich themselves, telling me that the American Dream isn’t for me when someones getting off their ass and becoming wealthy.

Get that socialist, Marxist nonsense out of my face!

It was great to see  Kanye West and Donald Trump have an honest raw conversation with no liberals. I hope they were saying the things that would offend liberals!  This is why we love president Trump, he doesn’t hold back.  Hey, where’s Omarosa?

Watching Kanye West hug Donald Trump, may have been the most powerful moment in American history since I was invited to the White House.

Somewhere Booker T Washington, Marcus Garvey, and Malcolm X are  smiling. Kanye exudes black uplift over victimhood. Truth is, when slaves were freed, there were two factions of African Americans. There were those that fled the South, while some had that “We Love Massa” mindset. Kanye West is the modern day Booker T, a free thinking brother, and like Trump, they say some crazy stuff. So do Hillary and Eric Holder. Kanye has what Democrats don’t have. Free-thinking ability and open-mindedness.

Both Kanye and Donald also exude masculinity!

Jeffery McNeil is a published author and well known columnist who frequents the pages of Street Sense Media. He as been published by Daily Independent Reader, Washington Examiner and has been featured in The Washingtonian

One thought on “Should Black Celebrities Meet with President Trump? by Jeffery Mcneil

  1. You tell em! I thought it was awesome, Kanye and Trump two very smart people. Kanye said a few years ago he was going to run for President and
    Trump is allowing us to be involved with what’s going on by tweeting.
    Kanye was awesome at the White House. There was nothing wrong with what he said or did! For people to say anything bad is ridiculous!
    Since when is it ok to act the way people are acting?
    Since when is it ok to tell people they can’t think a certain way?
    Kanye is very talented and Trump is doing an awesome job I think Kanye is smarter than I ever realized and maybe Trump can mentor him.
    The Democrats are not fit to run this country! No haters should ever run my country! Kanye would make a way better President than Obama!
    Love these articles.

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