HISTORY MADE: Judge Kavanaugh’s First Bold Move by Matt Zupon

Following a tumultuous two week confirmation process to appoint the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the left’s dirty works once again backfired! After accusations of raping Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, drunken banter, gang raping other women, lying under oath, and loads of other uncorroborated claims, millions of Americans cheered in joy for one of the most honorable men to escape the hysterical vindication of leftist Senators and Soros-paid protesters. Despite Jeff Flake’s call for waiting on a hasty FBI report, Susan Collins’ record of inconsistent voting, and Lisa Murkowski’s NO vote on cloture, many feared that all the hell Kavanaugh endured would go in vain. However, in a 50-48 Senate vote (including Democratic Senator Joe Manchin), the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh transformed into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In addition to the bruising yet relieving confirmation, good news arose. Dr. Ford, as many assumed, backed off allegations and stated that she will seek no further legal action against Justice Kavanaugh. Following this hearing, some Americans moderately involved in politics may believe that Mr. Kavanaugh holds misogynistic views. Despite this presumption that many may hold, his first action as a Supreme Court Justice will shock the non-believers: For the first time in history, a Supreme Court Justice appointed only women to work as his clerks, a move no other Justice ever performed.

America will rest at peace for yet another day, as the Supreme Court remains under the control of five Constitutionalists. While protecting the Constitutionality of our Republic’s highest court remains at stake, one can wipe their brow that President Trump delivered on another key promise by promoting a second conservative Supreme Court Justice in under two years. Despite this relief, one must remember: get out to vote for conservative Republicans on November 6th! 50-48 should not count as a comfortable margin of victory in the Senate!

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