How Radical Feminist Bullies Have Steered People To The Trump Train by Jeffery Mcneil

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As someone that stood on the front line for women’s rights, I’ve concluded that  feminism has lost its way. Groups like #Metoo and #Believewomen are no longer about clearing paths for women or combating sexual harassment in the workplace. If that was their intention feminists would propose meaningful legislation or reforms. However, what #Meetoo and #IBelieveWoman want, in their own words, is to destroy powerful men’s livelihoods and remove them from power. I find it odd that many feminists such as Kirsten Gilibrand, Joy Behar and Alyssa Milano are doing better than most men, when it comes to power, salaries, and standard of living. So how these feminists fake oppression and get away with it baffles me.

Whenever,the Left loses an election,they try to use the courts to overturn Democracy. Whose fault is it they don’t understand the Constitution and Democracy? I told many Democrats for years to leave DC and New York and start talking to people, where Democrats haven’t been competitive. Democrats need to be more then shouting, marching, and harassing people out of restaurants or public spaces. The Left is blind and cannot see nobody is Turning Away from President Trump, they are Walking Away from the Democratic Party. As the mob becomes more angry and violent, Americans are becoming less and less intimidated by the Left’s hissy fits and temper tantrums.

As we approach the midterms, I really don’t care what pollsters have to say. These are the same people that predicted Hillary would win in a landslide. Many GOP RINO’s, such as Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski, were ready to cut and run when they faced confrontational activists. I praise Donald Trump and his wingmen,  Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConell, for not to backing down, cowering or caving to the mob. Most of the protesters were paid for by Democratic interest groups. These radical Democrats are proving to be empty suits.

I don’t see a Blue Wave. Trump has the economic wind at his back, he’s delivering on his promise with Conservative Supreme Court picks, upholding the Constitution, has a booming economy and low unemployment. I can also go on with North Korea, great trade deals, and crippling sanctions on Iran. I don’t see enthusiasm for high taxes,excessive regulations, or an expensive nanny state. There’s no appetite for removing Trump from office, except from the crazy, radical base. The Lame Stream media are becoming irrelevant. People are tuning out the insults and name calling. Their nastiness reminds everyone why we support Donald Trump in the first place.

After watching the marches and protests, I feel sad about what the Democrats have become. There were always fringe elements in the Democratic Party. However, there were statesmen,  such as Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, or a Daniel Patrick Moynihan that lowered the temperature ,rather then raise it. In 1992, Bill Clinton stood up to Sista Souljah, who made divisive comments. With today’s Democratic Party, there are no statesman. It’s anything goes and you finally see Conservatives standing up to these bullies.

When I heard the charges against Brett Kavanaugh, I didn’t take a side. I wanted to hear both sides before I came to a conclusion. Should something you’ve done as a young man disqualify you as an adult? By those standards, we wouldn’t have an Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, or George Patton. Before the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, I thought all Americans believed in innocent until proven guilty, due process, and the right to face your accusers.  I was shocked that the Democratic Party that once defended these ideas, was ready to throw all this out the window for political ends.

 I grew up surrounded by women, which I think helps give me plenty of respect and empathy for women who have been traumatized by abusive men. However, I began hearing feminists say women should be believed and no questions asked. What shocked me was male Democrats were ok with women destroying men for political purposes. I can’t ever hang out or conversate with people that have a witch hunt mentality. Kavanaugh was lucky and America was watching. Imagine innocent men that don’t have the spotlight and have their life destroyed because a woman feels oppressed. That is what they do in socialist countries, such as Venezuela and Cuba.

It is not a myth that women falsely accuse men.. Vandyke Perry and Gregory Counts are two African American men convicted in rape in 1992 because a jury decided to “believe women.” Counts was just freed after 26 years in prison, because the accuser came clean. Those men will never get their lives back, while the accuser will never face charges. I truly believe women that rape hustle and put men in jail should be prosecuted until the fullest extent of the law.

I can’t believe when I see Tweets, such as this from feminist Emily Lindin:

“Sorry. If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay”

This is not an acceptable stance.

Yes, I’m sympathetic to women, but I condemn the mob-like culture that’s being created by angry women and feminists. Recently, Ariel Dumas  a writer for CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” said, “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

Somewhere along the lines, the trains were derailed. Conservatives have dropped the ball with our education system and have let radicals teach our children. This was more than just being about Brett Kavanaugh. America got a glimpse of what America can become, if we’re not vigilant about our Constitution, principles, and values.

We have to do more than vote. We have to reclaim the institutions that made America Great.

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