Lindsey Graham Spoke For Us All, We Are Tired Of The Politics Of Smear And Fear by Jeffery McNeil

 I never saw those whom I differ with as evil,  however, that is not the prevailing view on the other side. If you have a difference in opinion, you have to be racist, fascist, homophobic, and evil.

I always believed, although I disagree with Progressives, both sides believe in the basic staples of the Constitution, such as due process, innocent until proven guilty, the right to a fair trial, and forgiveness. There was a time liberals fought for these things. That is why I think we’re all horrified, disgusted, and appalled by what we saw at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. We saw something that resembled something more like Venezuela or Cuba, rather than America.

The Brett Kavanaugh hearing was an educational moment for America, particularly Republicans. Kavanaugh a man of upstanding moral character and has been a credible judge that’s made over three hundred rulings, which have been well thought and constructed. It looked like he was going to be unanimously confirmed  until an anonymous letter that claimed Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a teenager Christine Blassey Ford in high school. The allegations seemed very suspicious, because Diane Feinstein held this information until the day Republicans were going to vote.

The allegations were something out of Hustler or Penthouse magazine, such reports of sex parties, gang rapes , drunkenness and drugs. And when it looked as if there was no evidence to support Christine Blasey Ford’s claims of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh,  three new allegations emerged with one allegation from slimebag lawyer Michael Avenatti, which alleged Kavanaugh was running a rape ring in 1982 in Chevy Chase Maryland.. What was weird about Julie Swetnick’s accusation was she claimed to be gang raped when she appeared at these parties nine times.

The day Kavanagh was to testify was nothing more than a circus. At first it looked like a rout and Rachel Mitchell was out of her depth. Mazie Hirono,Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein were firing style points, while Republican Senators were powerless.  Christine Blassey Ford had me well up in tears. I believe her. I’ve seen the pain in her face. I hope whoever abused her gets justice, but I believe she was being used by unscrupulous lawyers in the Democratic party.. Republicans changed their game plan and Brett Kavanaugh spoke. He came in  flipping the tables. Some didn’t like the crying, but I loved it. What the Democrats did by smearing  an honorable man in Kavanaugh and exploiting Christine Blassey Ford was despicable and gross, even by the modern leftist standards. They need to look back at what #Metoo and feminism is doing to their party.

Brett Kavanaugh was like watching Tom Brady go through a defense. It was a new ball game!! The climax was the exchange he had with Diane Feinstein.  He stuck her smears and lies in the gut of the Left. Lindsey Graham, too, put the greatest smackdown since Joseph Welch looked Joe Mccarthy in the eyes and said “Have You No Shame.” I’m not a fan of Lindsey Graham, but he spoke for America. Maybe not the radicals on the Left, but he tapped into the rage of the American people. Were fed up with the politics of division, rage, and hate. Donald Trump won!!!  Get over it. He’s your president and  the American people are not intimidated by your temper tantrums and hissy fits.

It looked like Lindsey Graham rallied the troops, until someone crawled in the elevator with the weakest link, Jeff Flake. Lindsey Graham said it best. If you don’t vote for Kavanaugh, you are signing off to the Left’s craziness, but Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins got cold feet at the altar and allowed the Democrats to delay and obstruct an honorable man.  I don’t know how America will heal from these Kavanaugh hearings, destroying people without fair hearings or  due process. I was disgusted by the theatrics of Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. I once liked Corey Booker but that’s not the same Corey Booker I knew when he was mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He’s  become vicious in his quest for power.

 The Democrats looked angry, petty, and mean. While it may have energized their base, it shouldn’t be enough to win any elections. This should alienate moderates and independents, seeing a man that spent thirty years on the bench with seven security clearances, and smeared as a Neo-Nazi/rapist. What really sickened people was that the Democrats were trying to throw the Constitution out the window and suspend due process. Men should be alarmed everywhere if #MeToo and radical feminist can smear Brett Kavanaugh. Remember the Left will eat there own, like what they did to Al Franken, but also ignore the abuse of Keith Ellison and Sherrod Brown. Do Democrats show any shame? For Cory Booker to sit on his high horse about Brett Kavanaugh, when he admitted that he’s groped women in the past, is very hypocritical.

Lindsey Graham spoke for guys that are in the middle and tired of being demonized as Nazi’s and white supremacist.  I’m not a Republican, but I completely reject this Marxist, fascist ideology of those that claim to be Progressives today.

Jeffery Mcneil is an award-winning columnist and has been published in the Washington Examiner and Street Sense Media

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