Nowhere to Go, Part 2: An Exhausting Present by Reid Neason

It’s no secret that many people are tired of the same old faces of the Democratic Party. Whether it’s Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Dianne Feinstein; many on the left are noticing the need for new leadership. And even if it doesn’t make the mainstream news cycle, there have been stories that make me understand why the left doesn’t think that the old guard will do them any favors come November.

Despite, at one point in their careers, being very respectful and respectable politicians, the senior congresspeople on the left have lately been blinded by their unconditional hate for the president. They seem to think that to be in power over the other guys is their divine right, and so they have shown that they will abandon all pretense or ethics to discredit the current administration and elevate themselves to the top.

For example, Chuck Schumer, not even a decade after giving a fiery speech in opposition to illegal immigration, has all but endorsed the practice. Whenever Donald Trump makes a single policy decision on the issue, Schumer reflexively launches an attack on his character, only to have no facts to back up his barrage of nothing, but feelings. When Barack Obama was president, illegal immigration was universally wrong to him, without exception, even if it meant separating 90,000 families at the border. But as soon as a political opponent took office and made actual progress on the issue, how dare he rip all these hard-working “undocumented workers” from their lives’ ambitions of coming to America! Schumer now seems to think that facts are outdated, and no proof is required when calling Donald Trump something like a “pro-corporate, pro-elite, hard-right ideologue.”

While Chuck Schumer may only be detrimental to his own party, Nancy Pelosi is not only that, but she may even be benefitting her opponents by some of her recent actions. When the newest economic report showed historically low unemployment numbers, she instead chose to slam her opponents for not raising wages. I particularly loved the way that she chose to express this, saying, “Hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me and my life? I need a bigger paycheck.” She also likes to refer to herself as a “legislative virtuoso” and bonuses that workers received from the GOP tax cuts as “crumbs.” She has even prompted the Democratic Working Women’s Group to speak out against the control she has on them. Normally, I would call for someone like this to retire, but I honestly thing she will be a gift to the Republican Party when she chooses to remain in Congress for another term.

This blinding thirst for regaining control is not reserved to the most senior Democratic members of Congress, however. In fact, many ranking members go beyond the merely verbal attacks that their leaders so often launch, instead each choosing to cause chaos in their own unique style. Dianne Feinstein has shown that nothing is off limits for her as long as she stands to gain politically from a situation. She leaked an interview between the judiciary committee and the co-founder of Fusion GPS because she didn’t like that Chuck Grassley chose not to. She waited to release Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s letter for eight weeks to have maximum political impact. Among all these breaches of common ethics, perhaps the most serious was that she kept a Chinese spy on her staff for five years after being warned by the FBI about him.

Maxine Waters also personifies what seems to be the left’s common platform. Her only current objective as a member of Congress is diffusing unbridled hatred for Donald Trump, and she stops at nothing to do so. Waters endlessly makes baseless calls for his impeachment without him committing any high crime or misdemeanor, and she openly promotes pushback and violence against anyone that may support or work for his administration. Her situation should be particularly alarming, as she has prioritized hate-mongering over improving her own deteriorating district, which she doesn’t even live in to begin with (California’s advocate for the poor instead has a $4.5M mansion in LA).

I could honestly go all day with how many representatives or senators on the left haven’t been doing their party any favors in the past year or two, but I think I’ve made my point known. The Democratic Party has had the same crowd at the top for as long as I and many others can remember, and it’s beginning to show. If that situation remains as it is, then the Republican Party’s chances of holding on to control of Congress are that much higher.

Reid Neason, Texas A&M University


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