Safe Spaces in Universities are Hurting Free Speech by Charlie Dominguez

Most universities across the U.S. and in the U.K are getting students that want  a “safe spaces.” This is intended to keep out the realism of life and protect the people that are
“triggered” by other opinions. In late 2017, a poll was made by Whatsgoodly of 1,659 college students, asking them if they thought safe spaces were necessary. 64% of college students were indifferent or thought it kept out the real world and 36% of students thought it was necessary to have them. Administrators who agree with this concept are completely missing the point of attending college. You are put in a new atmosphere where there is acceptance for new ideas and opinions. You should be encouraged to take risks and debate issues of which are controversial. Many students are playing the victim when it comes to certain issues and universities are teaching them that it’s ok. Universities are putting them in this bubble that protects them from differing opinions. Victimization is becoming too much of an entitlement. Students that are demanding
these ‘safe spaces’ are not benefiting themselves, as they are moving out into the real world.
Of the 36%, students say they are victims of “micro-aggressions.” For those who don’t know the meaning, it is a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group, such as a racial or ethnic minority. With this definition, it basically means that if you have a different view than another person, they are allowed to feel victimized and bash you for something that wasn’t even directed towards them. This also has to deal with self-imposed victimization. This begins after you continue to blame or bemoan the circumstances and therefore, give up on doing what you can to improve. We live in an age where millennials feel entitled to be victims or to be compensated.
This is why these ‘safe spaces’ exist! Although, I do agree that campuses should be a safe
environment, where you are safe from both sexual and verbal assault, these students have taken it too far. With these “safe spaces,” our first amendment is at risk. The whole idea of freedom of speech is that you should be able to say, think, and share what your ideals are and not be punished for them. People on the left want others to conform to their feelings and morals. Although presenting facts and statistics can help your case, there is always going to be the people who start with the name calling, bashing and who want to take away your freedom of speech. For example, in 2017, Ben Shapiro, a conservative speaker and host of the Daily Wire, was invited to speak at a university in Missouri by a student board and wasn’t able to step foot on the campus, because
administrators ordered security to not let him in. To summarize their words, he was endangering the students by bringing his ideals and conservative perspective on certain issues.

Do you think universities are taking it too far with these ‘safe spaces’ by making these students soft? Or do you think safe spaces are necessary to protect these groups of people are feeling victimized?

Charlie Dominguez, Coachella Valley High School

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