Black Conservatives Are The True Freedom Fighters by Jeffery Mcneil


I am an African American that thinks differently from the herd mentality. There’s always a faction of social justice warriors that believe their opinions should be the prevailing view, because they’re indoctrinated by causes they know nothing about. They don’t understand that they’re really lambs being led by the nose of others. They want you to be a sheep, rather than an individual that’s capable of making decisions for themselves.

I once had this group think mentality, I defended Marion Berry, believed OJ was innocent and  thought Clarence Thomas was an “Uncle Tom.” Then a Republican  gave me Thomas’s autobiography  and I was horrified, because I agreed with him.

Sometimes, I get miffed when I’m called names such as “Coon, Sellout or Traitor,”  when I once put my life and body on the line. I once marched with Jesse Jackson, fought to free Nelson Mandela, helped New York city elect their  first, black mayor David Dinkins get and campaigned for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now there are people, who hadn’t even been born yet during the Clinton presidency, telling me about racism and oppression in America.

What amazes me is how can you call someone an Uncle Tom, when you  support policies that keep you trapped in poverty. Truth is, the left is not interested in solving poverty; because if they solved it, there would be no need for them. What they’re about is power, yet none of them are capable or qualified to govern a nation as diverse and complex as ours. When Obama ran this country, our nation fell apart. Under Trump, the checks come in the mail and the tax cuts are real money, not crumbs like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says.

Liberal policies have also promoted bad behavior, rather than work and personal responsibility. Liberals are like the mother hen that won’t allow their chicks to grow up and be roosters. Help is allowing people to reach their fullest potential; liberals turn people into  weak-minded snowflakes.

Policing language is also indicative of leftist ideology. The language police created Donald Trump because Americans were dying to hear someone praise America, rather than apologize for it. Political correctness is pretending that warts and pimples are not repulsive, but are actually unicorns. To object to the prevailing view of the left means you will be demonized as “anti-pimple” and be called some kind of right-wing extremist for stating the obvious: Pimples are not unicorns, but grotesque.

Liberals want us all to pretend that racism and police brutality are bigger problems facing our inner cities, rather than failing schools, single mothers, and black-on-black crime. According to the left, only white men can be racist; they ignore the hate and vitriol that come from others. The Left has become so ridiculous and oppressive that they’ve managed to turn right-wing commentators, like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, into voices of reason. Tucker and Hannity offer a platform to listeners where white people can talk with blacks, women, and Hispanic conservatives about black-on-black crime, radical Islam and illegal immigration, openly and candidly.

Part of power is being accountable for the choices you make, both in public and private. Democrats are not ready to lead. You can’t want power and then be reduced to tears because someone questions your competence and authority. In the real world, if you try to shine off the backs of others, you’ll be pushed back vigorously!

Jeffery Mcneil is an award-winning columnist and has been published in the Washington Examiner and Street Sense Media

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