Resisting Big Tech Bias

Throughout the past year, there had been something that had kept me especially anxious.   My stress over the subject had grown, as the problem continued and became more widespread. However, through the escalation of  The University Conservative platform and my increasing motivation to do something about the problem, I feel much more at peace.

Big Tech Censorship.

Although bias has existed in the media for years, it never concerned me until I realized what was happening on multiple, social media platforms. It is as if an authoritarian regime has taken over the media and is filling young minds with propaganda and intellectually dishonest morality. Coming from social media’s moral high ground is the message that empowerment is through rebellion, an abandonment of traditional morals and values, and the hegemony of the young progressives.

Twitter’s top news headlines are twisted and skewed in a way that ensures that the left’s agenda will not be disrupted. They shadow-ban conservatives, take followers from right-leaning accounts, and permanently banned Alex Jones. The double standard is ridiculous. Especially while Sara Jeong, the recently-hired New York Times columnist, who is an open racist and called for “the cancelling of white people,” is still happily, tweeting away.

It was about a month ago that I decided to do something about it and I’m very satisfied with my decision to do so. I started following conservative twitter accounts and finding ways to reach out to conservatives that shared my concerns. I started a website and am growing a following on twitter to promote it. As I began the process of creating a platform for conservative-thinkers, I wondered if there would be many others that felt the way I did.

It turned out that I was not alone. Since The University Conservative started just a month ago, I’ve received some great articles and support from other conservative thinkers at the college-level and a few recent graduates. They, too, see things for what they are and have a common sense perspective, however, their voices have been suppressed and drowned out by the leftist social media platforms. The University Conservative is combating this daily and asking all conservative-thinkers to join the movement and help us to incubate ideas, experiences, and great articles, written by the most open-minded intellectuals that refuse to let the media control the narrative they’re following.

I no longer stress about Big Tech Censorship, because I know that I’m doing what I can to fix the problem. The other writers and contributors to the site are also having the weight of big tech lifted off of their shoulders. As big tech companies gain more power over politics, free-thinkers must resist. Plato once said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” This is why we need the conservative-thinking individuals to join the University Conservative publication and take a strong foothold in the modern-day, political realm.

Chad Quigley, Founder

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