Mandy’s World

Mandy’s World-“I Wish I Was A Smartphone.”-is the first in a Mandy’s World Series that explores the high tech world in which children are now born into.
As early as infancy, they are surrounded by doting family members with smartphones in hand, snapping & making videos.
We often forget what it was like to grow up without having to see our parents staring down at a phone, instead of engaging with us!
This short book gives us a glimpse of what it’s like for Mandy, a little girl who isn’t getting the attention of those around her.
As a mom, I have noticed children playing in the park, while their caregivers are consumed w/ texting & tweeting. Interaction is disappearing & real playtime as opposed to the virtual kind, is going extinct.
Let’s put away our phones, have conversations & quality family time!

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Patricia Moran


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